I always seem to get carried away when I write these things.  It’s crossed my mind that writing is the reason I’m so horny all the time.  Well part of the reason.  It doesn’t help that I live with a woman whose ass looks like the girls I jacked off to in high school even though we’re both rather older than that now.  River being so hot has nothing to do with why we fell in love or even why I was attracted to her but it sure is a nice bonus.

“I’ve gotten mixed signals. Earlier you said you were horny. But just now you told Brook that you were sleepy. I’m not sure what it adds up to.” “It adds up to give me the magic wand and get in position.” That was unexpected.  Maybe her post-period hornies. “No warmup?” “This is my warmup.” “I mean for me.” Thanks to my iatrogrenic ED it doesn’t just pop up on its own any more. If you don’t know that word it means medical badness caused by a doctor. A useful word to know even if it doesn’t help beyond making me feel less alone. My ED was caused by a doctor giving me a routine (and way overpriced) vasectomy.

It’s dark. I feel for River on the bed. I’m not feeling what I’m expecting. Oh. She’s in low doggy position, with her butt sticking out and the wand humming away at her clit beneath her. She’s on a creative tip. I hope I can get hard enough fast enough because I don’t want to miss this.

I put one hand on my cock and the other on her. I want to stay out of her way, but I need to feel her parts for incentive. My fingers keep getting bumped by the wand as my hand roams around the area feeling this and stroking that but eventually I coax her lips apart so I can feel my favorite pussy. Which of course helps get me hard.

But you know what really gets me hard this time? Every time a finger or thumb brushes across her sweetly textured asshole I get harder. It’s been a long time since since she’s taken it up her ass (eloquent as fuck, I know) but I’ve been thinking about it. Not tonight though. Even though she mentioned that sex has been hurting and maybe that’s a solution.

It sounds like she’s about to get herself off. Fortunately I’ve got a nice stiff rod to work with by now. Thanks in part to her asshole. Why should that be suck a turn on? She switches the vibe off and gasps and now is the time to slip my cock deep into that pussy I’ve been feeling.

I’m on target but it’s just not going very far in. Too much resistance somewhere. I move in and out a bit trying to spread the wet but it’s not as satisfying as the deep powerful stick-in I want. I push so hard it’s got to hurt. But she says that part never hurts.

Finally she reaches down and clears the way for me and our bang begins in earnest. But after some vigorous thrusts I feel like I could pop at any moment so I slow down, rub her back, grab her waist, admire the view, looking just like I imagined in high school.

She puts her hand back in place for her second one. I maneuver into position to get the most sensation as her hand rubs across my parts, too. “Mmm, I like how that feels.” I think I like it a little too much. I pull way back and just move the head of my cock in and out of her entrance but it feels too good. She puts the wand back and it buzzes my cock through her pussy and that’s it, it’s going to be all over, nothing I can do, so I just fuck her hard as she moans. She does like a good hard bang. “Doesn’t every girl?” she asks.  And she comes, and I come, and it’s tremendous, believe me.  I can’t believe I said that.

I stay hard a lot longer than I expect and the after-fuck is almost as good as the fuck. Except that’s comparing apples to oranges. Or maybe Golden Delicious to Pink Ladies.  How you like them apples.

Finally River rolls over and I lay on top for a hug and a kiss. I sit up and give her bush a post-coital scratch. That’s something she said long ago, maybe our second or third time: “There’s nothing like a good post-coital scratch.”

“I wish I could have gotten in deeper faster.” “I thought it was good.” Yes, it was, in a strange way. Like fucking a super-virgin. Push as hard as I can and still get nowhere. “My wings were in the way as usual.”  “I’m just glad I got that hard that fast.  You didn’t give me much time.”  “There’s always the second one.  You know I can always do more.”  Some people have all the luck.  At least I’m lucky enough to have River.

It’s been a long time

It’s been a long time since I posted here.  I can barely remember how to do it.  And it was a long time between fucks for me and River.  Ten days.  I almost ran out of fingers. But at least I remembered how to fuck.

Not that I needed to remember.  River did all the work. That’s extremely rare.  Usually it’s like something I do to her.  But  she was on fire like she hasn’t been since our twenties.  And she knew it.  Oh my did she know it.

It was a nice grindy fuck with her on top all the way.  “It feels good to me, so it must be good for you, too.”  That was her quoting my MO back at me.  We’ve found it to be true, no matter which one of us is doing the work.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.  And that’s not why I’m here today.  I’m looking into a few things for a friend, and found myself here, and wondered if I could do the post stuff again.  Because I’ve written a few posts, stashed  on my laptop and in my head.

I’d like to promise that I’ll be back soon.  But the best I can do is hope.  Hope is something I can’t do without.  Hope,  and fucking.