It’s been a long time

It’s been a long time since I posted here.  I can barely remember how to do it.  And it was a long time between fucks for me and River.  Ten days.  I almost ran out of fingers. But at least I remembered how to fuck.

Not that I needed to remember.  River did all the work. That’s extremely rare.  Usually it’s like something I do to her.  But  she was on fire like she hasn’t been since our twenties.  And she knew it.  Oh my did she know it.

It was a nice grindy fuck with her on top all the way.  “It feels good to me, so it must be good for you, too.”  That was her quoting my MO back at me.  We’ve found it to be true, no matter which one of us is doing the work.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.  And that’s not why I’m here today.  I’m looking into a few things for a friend, and found myself here, and wondered if I could do the post stuff again.  Because I’ve written a few posts, stashed  on my laptop and in my head.

I’d like to promise that I’ll be back soon.  But the best I can do is hope.  Hope is something I can’t do without.  Hope,  and fucking.


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