Out of town

River will be out of town for a while. That’s not so good, not the least reason being that I’m already horny. Last night I noticed she had her new G-spot vibrator charging and I thought maybe she was taking it with her, which would be a good thing. She said no, but it wasn’t charged last time she wanted it so she wanted to make sure it was charged. And I take that as a good thing.  Also good that she wants me to use it on her.  There’s no way I could ever use the magic wand on her.  No way.  That thing is just too vigorous.  And I’m more about finesse.

How she can leave without giving me  little something to tide me over I’ll never understand.  Too much business before pleasure.  I’m always thinking, give yourself time for both.  But she’s also going to school, and with business, school, and family all vying for her attention she seems to forget to leave time for pleasure.  She says I’m in charge of sex but really she is, because she’s the one who can always say maybe later.

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