That’s the way (uh huh uh huh) I “like” it

I put that last post up in the morning. And when I came back in the afternoon it had gotten a few more likes than usual. Largely from new likers.

Now why would that be? Did I do something different? Like bathe or something? River likes it when I come to bed clean. Maybe people like it when I write clean. I don’t like to talk on the phone before I brush my teeth, but writing before I shower is ok.  I think.

Well.  One notable difference is that I tagged it “writing”. And everybody here likes writing, whatever they may mean by “like”.

Whereas usually my stuff is tagged, among other things, “fucking”. And I’d hope that everybody here likes fucking, too. Though apparently not quite as much as writing.

Or you like reading about writing more than reading about fucking. You know what they say: reading about fucking is like dancing about architecture.

But to me, “like”ing something is pretty vacuous. So when I truly like something, I can’t just click the “like” button and move on. I have to leave a comment. Something that shows I actually read what the writer has shared and I’m inspired to give something back in some way, however small.

Of course I realize I’m not like everybody else, which people who know me tend to think is a good thing, and not everybody else is like me and that’s definitely a good thing.

But.  If you want somebody like me to read you, and like you, and maybe even follow you, it helps to leave a comment.

Thanks for listening.

Love me? Hate me? Tell me! I don't moderate comments and never will.

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