Sweet little fuck, aka meat dildo

River has to leave tomorrow morning. She doesn’t usually leave without a little parting gift. But she’s had a hectic day and she’s totally frazzled. When I’m like that a nice fuck is just what I need. But she’s the complete opposite. It would just be piling on to her non-stop day.

She surprises me by coming over to snuggle on me in bed. “I was hoping you’d do that.” “You must have been hoping pretty loud.” But how far will it go? Is she just snuggling on me because she thinks I expect something, and that I won’t like it if she leaves for a few days without the parting gift? It would be ok. I know she’s frazzled, and I don’t want to make it worse.

“You probably just want to sleep. And I’m stinky.” “Nice come on. Does that work with most girls?” “Most girls don’t just want to sleep.” “That’s what you think.”

Then she pulls out the magic wand. “There’s time for a quickie.” Now the pressure is on. River likes to be fucked in the orgasm. But can I get a good stiffie before she orgasms? Damn ED.

She’s buzzing herself. I’m fingering myself, and touching her body for inspiration. A progress report: “I’m not there yet.” Maybe she’ll have to wait for her second orgasm. “Take your time. I can hold off. And make it even better.” “You don’t hold off very often.” “Usually it takes so long I just have to go with it when it happens.” That’s how it is for me on the antidepressant. I don’t like it.

The thought of River holding off, controlling her orgasm to make it even better, turns me on. I slip a finger into her for her g-spot. My cock stiffens nicely. “I’m ready.” It can be hard to tell when she’s coming, but when she switches the wand off it’s a sure sign. My finger slips out. My cock slips in. And we fuck.

River shudders and moans beneath me as I aim for her g-spot and pound her. It’s going to be quickie for sure because despite the antidepressant I can feel it already. It’s nice how her g-spot is so stimulating for both of us.

But it’s not a normal orgasm for me. The Citalopram is factoring in. It’s achingly slow. It’s like it doesn’t want to come. And even when it does it’s like slow motion, almost painful in a nice super-sensitive way, like I’m drained from coming four times already and there’s nothing left to squeeze out. But I work it for all it’s worth, and River’s enjoyment is infectious.

“That shall be known as the Sweet Little Fuck. I think it will help me sleep.” Interesting. For me it was more like being a meat dildo. But I don’t mind. She should use me like that more often.


Dangerous, a little

I was going to write a redux to this post.  Whatever that is.  I just like the word.  I like thinking about the word.  Maybe I just like red words.  Redux.  Redress.  Reductio ad absurdum.  But I have my redoubts.  A redux.  Something of a postscript here. But what I have to say deserves better.  So I’ve moved it up here, to the top.  A predux.  Here it is:

This was a nice session, physically and emotionally. Sweet but with plenty of raunch factor. River and I can’t have a truly great physical session without the emotional part. I really enjoyed River coming on to me out of the blue during shark week, literally coming out of her blue panties. The it was a real turn-on to have her taking on the challenge, the dual role of getting us both ready, bringing off her first orgasm while attentively jacking my cock hard so we could fuck. I kept thinking, wow, she really wants it, wants me, what a treat, and I’m more than happy to go along for her ride. I hope there’s more where that came from. And then there was Brook’s interjection near the end. The stuff memories are made of.

It’s been over a week of no sex. That’s a long time for me. Like not having sex since the stone age. But, I tend to reach a peak of desire, lust, and horniness after about three days then things taper off and I’m less on edge. It would be so much easier if I didn’t have to live with River running around wither her nipples poking through her shirt, and sleeping naked in bed with me. There’s just something about a naked sweetie.

I brush my teeth and come to bed. River’s on shark week. So she’s wearing panties to bed. It’s sort of a signal. She’s a lot sexier and nicer to snuggle on when she wears some kind of nightie along with them, but it’s not the kind of thing she tends to remember. Sometimes I think being cute hot sexy sweet snuggly is the bane of her existence.

Before I turn out the light I peek under the covers for a quick panty check. Dark blue. Shark week it is.

But then a nice surprise.

“Hi there,” she says as she artfully twines a warm leg around mine. I’m pretty sure she’s coming on to me and it’s not just my eternal wishfully optimistic thinking. But she can’t possibly be into her post-period horny time yet. Which is when we were thinking the first of our once-a-month rendezvous would occur. I’m not gonna argue though.

“Be careful. That might be dangerous.” “Sometimes I like dangerous.” Well. Usually I tell her that I need to write her lines and give her a script, but I can work with that. “I definitely like dangerous.” The panties come off. She’s out of the blue.

She reaches down for my balls and pushes them up alongside my shaft, which at the moment is not very shaft-like. It’s an effective first move, in several ways. It’s so nice not to be doing all the work. Her hand feels great. And she’s got things positioned for a firm rub. “I’m getting some response.” “I wish I could get some response out of you.” “Maybe the wand will.” “Can you do us both at the same time?” “Let’s find out.”

I pick the magic wand up off the floor and hand it to River who switches it on and puts the buzz on her clit. She must be doing the wand left-handed because she’s doing me right-handed. And doing a fine job of it. It doesn’t hurt that I get to think about how she’s doing us both at the same time, which is pure turn-on. I wonder if it’s turning her on as much as it is me. I’m guessing the answer is yes, since playing with my cock and getting me hard seems to do something for her. But maybe it’s just distracting her from her “real” work with her own parts. I hope not.

And wow, she’s coming already. Good thing her attention has gotten me hard enough for the stick-in. I think. She switches off the wand while she comes. I roll towards her, slip my legs under her knees. She reaches down, lines us up, my cock nestles against her pussy opening then pushes into her familiar comfort. And we fuck.

Her orgasm continues as I grab her shoulder for leverage and push hard and deep and steady. Even though it’s shark week River’s pussy doesn’t have that strange slippery feel that it often does at this time of the month. It has a nice soft lusciousness. “You feel surprisingly good tonight.”

In our position it’s easy to finger River’s clit while we fuck. She takes over. Everything, my memory included, blurs as she goes for another one and I angle my cock to slide along the bone at the front of her pussy. “That’s really sweet.” Now she should be writing my lines. I should be saying “It’s meant to be.” And we’re fucking through her second orgasm.

I could come too, but I’m enjoying this too much, as usual. And I’ve got other plans. River lifts her leg over me as I rotate to sit in front of her, never losing our connection. My arm keeps her leg raised in what we call Reader Position because of its effective and memorable use in the movie The Reader. I watch my cock disappear into her shadowy darkness as we both catch our breath.

Brook’s voice from another room breaks the supposed silence. “Be quiet you guys!” “We’re just breathing,” River calls back. “Well stop it!” Will that teach us to fuck with our door closed? Not likely. I like having the door open, and I think River does too. Sometimes she likes dangerous.

Have a nice day

I’ve been playing with myself in the few minutes before River comes to bed. I’m not sure this is going to work. River came home wanting to use the Magic Wand, and I’d really like to come through for her despite buzzing myself out on Adderall and caffeine during the day.  But I’ve felt like things weren’t going to work before, and I always try to stay optimistic because I don’t want to create a self-fulfilling prophecy of failure. And why wouldn’t I be optimistic about fucking River. Especially since she’s the one with the urge tonight.

She comes in, drops her robe, and gets under the covers with me. We snuggle a bit then I grab the Magic Wand off the floor and hand it to her. I always wonder what the women who clean the house think when they see it there. I imagine they’ve seen it all.

“I don’t know how you do that with that thing.” “Neither do I.” She throws the switch and there’s the heavy-duty hum of her clit being erased, rubbed out, ground down, obliterated.

I kneel beside her, facing her, using my hands to take inspiration from her boobs and body. Women with small sporty tits really drive me crazy.

I feel a little response in my cock as she does her thing under the covers with her knees up and I rub and brush and squeeze her tits and surroundings then slide my hand down to feel some bush between my fingers. I’m not going to be able to fuck her in her first one. Maybe not even the second. But I should be good to go by the third.

Shortly into her first one she switches off the Magic Wand and keeps things going with her fingers. Watching her and thinking about what she’s doing gets me harder.

She keeps going and we have a mutual masturbation session, with me watching her work her own pussy while I stroke my hardening cock, until her body convulses with her second one. “You look like you’re ready.” It’s true. I’m plenty hard. I’ve just been having a good time watching.  She turns towards me, spreads her wings, I lean forward and plunge into her, and she pulls off another one as we fuck, a good hard pussy-pounding of a fuck, while I pull a nipple into my mouth and River gasps. I hold off through that one, but with River enjoying fucking so much it’s my turn pretty soon and I keep banging into her pussy like a wild man right through my orgasm.

We slow down and keep going until I’m no longer hard enough. Then I see River going for another one under the covers. “I couldn’t resist.” “I’m glad you can do that. I wish I could.” “Those were nice lingering ones with lots of aftershocks.”  I want to come back as a girl.

I told her I’d had both Adderall and caffeine — Constant Comment tea, which I always think of as an old lady tea but it’s got one of the better caffeine kicks of any variety. But I didn’t tell her I’d taken double my usual Adderall dose. So I guess Adderall is off the hook for causing sexual dysfunction. Which is good, because I came this close to chucking it in the trash even though it is good for some things.

“I wonder what got into you?” “Post-period horniness?” “But that was our third fuck since your period. The Adderall fuck, the morning fuck, and now this one.” It’s been really great fucking every day and a half.  That really is my ideal frequency, and I like the switch-up between morning and evening. “I don’t know. Maybe I just had a good day.”


I always seem to get carried away when I write these things.  It’s crossed my mind that writing is the reason I’m so horny all the time.  Well part of the reason.  It doesn’t help that I live with a woman whose ass looks like the girls I jacked off to in high school even though we’re both rather older than that now.  River being so hot has nothing to do with why we fell in love or even why I was attracted to her but it sure is a nice bonus.

“I’ve gotten mixed signals. Earlier you said you were horny. But just now you told Brook that you were sleepy. I’m not sure what it adds up to.” “It adds up to give me the magic wand and get in position.” That was unexpected.  Maybe her post-period hornies. “No warmup?” “This is my warmup.” “I mean for me.” Thanks to my iatrogrenic ED it doesn’t just pop up on its own any more. If you don’t know that word it means medical badness caused by a doctor. A useful word to know even if it doesn’t help beyond making me feel less alone. My ED was caused by a doctor giving me a routine (and way overpriced) vasectomy.

It’s dark. I feel for River on the bed. I’m not feeling what I’m expecting. Oh. She’s in low doggy position, with her butt sticking out and the wand humming away at her clit beneath her. She’s on a creative tip. I hope I can get hard enough fast enough because I don’t want to miss this.

I put one hand on my cock and the other on her. I want to stay out of her way, but I need to feel her parts for incentive. My fingers keep getting bumped by the wand as my hand roams around the area feeling this and stroking that but eventually I coax her lips apart so I can feel my favorite pussy. Which of course helps get me hard.

But you know what really gets me hard this time? Every time a finger or thumb brushes across her sweetly textured asshole I get harder. It’s been a long time since since she’s taken it up her ass (eloquent as fuck, I know) but I’ve been thinking about it. Not tonight though. Even though she mentioned that sex has been hurting and maybe that’s a solution.

It sounds like she’s about to get herself off. Fortunately I’ve got a nice stiff rod to work with by now. Thanks in part to her asshole. Why should that be suck a turn on? She switches the vibe off and gasps and now is the time to slip my cock deep into that pussy I’ve been feeling.

I’m on target but it’s just not going very far in. Too much resistance somewhere. I move in and out a bit trying to spread the wet but it’s not as satisfying as the deep powerful stick-in I want. I push so hard it’s got to hurt. But she says that part never hurts.

Finally she reaches down and clears the way for me and our bang begins in earnest. But after some vigorous thrusts I feel like I could pop at any moment so I slow down, rub her back, grab her waist, admire the view, looking just like I imagined in high school.

She puts her hand back in place for her second one. I maneuver into position to get the most sensation as her hand rubs across my parts, too. “Mmm, I like how that feels.” I think I like it a little too much. I pull way back and just move the head of my cock in and out of her entrance but it feels too good. She puts the wand back and it buzzes my cock through her pussy and that’s it, it’s going to be all over, nothing I can do, so I just fuck her hard as she moans. She does like a good hard bang. “Doesn’t every girl?” she asks.  And she comes, and I come, and it’s tremendous, believe me.  I can’t believe I said that.

I stay hard a lot longer than I expect and the after-fuck is almost as good as the fuck. Except that’s comparing apples to oranges. Or maybe Golden Delicious to Pink Ladies.  How you like them apples.

Finally River rolls over and I lay on top for a hug and a kiss. I sit up and give her bush a post-coital scratch. That’s something she said long ago, maybe our second or third time: “There’s nothing like a good post-coital scratch.”

“I wish I could have gotten in deeper faster.” “I thought it was good.” Yes, it was, in a strange way. Like fucking a super-virgin. Push as hard as I can and still get nowhere. “My wings were in the way as usual.”  “I’m just glad I got that hard that fast.  You didn’t give me much time.”  “There’s always the second one.  You know I can always do more.”  Some people have all the luck.  At least I’m lucky enough to have River.

PSA #1: Magic Wand

I haven’t been very good about not blogging. Well, I’ve been pretty good about not blogging, but not so good at not writing. I’ve written about a couple of things since August. One thing I wrote about I sent to a friend, the illustrious and cerebral Lady J. My original intent was simply to ask her whether, as a woman in pursuit of an all-too-elusive orgasm, she had any experience with the Hitachi Magic Wand. But in my usual way I wrote more than I intended, and in her usual way she found more meaning than I thought I put in. She has graciously allowed me to post this from her reply to me:

Thanks for sharing that with me. It really helps to get the male POV. Why not blog this? I really think other women should hear it. It’s good stuff. It could be healing for women who think that men don’t care about women. Who think that all men are assholes and don’t value the delicacy of a woman’s body. Even with all the ups and downs of being in a longterm relationship, you love your wife. That always comes through…

Well. With a reply like that, how could I not blog it?  Here’s what I had written to her:

I got River a Magic Wand a few years back because I wanted to see what all the hype was about. One woman did a video review saying “If you have a clitoris, you need one of these.” I was sold, and put my order in on Amazon.

It arrived a few days later. We were both curious. We plugged it in. That’s right, plugged it in. No batteries here. The thing’s got a powercord that plugs into the wall. Which has been a small bit limiting because our house is fairly old (100 years this year) and doesn’t have as many outlets as modern standards dictate, so we can’t always use it in our first choice of locations.

We switched it through both of its settings: “high” and “holy fuck”. I’m not even sure it’s got “off”. The motor is powerful enough to cause snow on old analog broadcast TVs. (I’m dating myself there. Good thing I’m a cheap date.) I could not believe River was going to put that thing anywhere near her clitoris. The little knob I manipulate with my soft fingers in the way she showed me. The button I lave with my tongue. And here’s this industrial vibrator going to wear it down to even more of a nubbin than it already is. How could I possibly have bought this for her? I can’t believe she’s going to buzz herself with it there . . .

It worked. Oh my god it worked. River doesn’t orgasm easily. She always needs manual stimulation, maybe ten minutes worth, or more, and often that doesn’t even work. This thing got her off in under 30 seconds. I wasn’t even sure what had happened. “Did it work?” “Yes.” Damn. “But it happened so fast I almost missed it.” That’s not good. The analogy that comes to mind is taking a sightseeing tour of the Grand Canyon, from north to south in an F-18 on afterburner.

We’ve used it a couple times since. Most recently was a few days ago in the afternoon. This time it took several minutes to do the job. It seemed like it might not work. River wasn’t even sure she could orgasm lately. She’s given up before even when using the wand. But she closed her eyes and concentrated and worked with it while I watched and felt her nipples under her shirt and finally had a really long one that looked and sounded worth the wait.

That really got her going. I got to fuck her in her second one, during which I had my own non-stop “I’m not sure what just happened” orgasm, and we went on to give her several more.