Shower girl

I let River know how much I enjoyed the sex every day and a half, how good it made me feel, and pointed out that this morning was our next day and a half. She wasn’t having any of it. She just left to go out of town for a couple days. Some time I want her to take me with her.

I was reading alone in bed. My hand drifted down to my cock and I felt the fuzz on my balls with no particular agenda. Maybe it was like being River: I could feel my stuff, but with no real results.

But wait. As I read my mind wandered back to a particularly memorable occasion. A hotel room. A delightfully naked woman in the shower going through her paces while I watched and jacked off. The way things should be.

And there I was getting hard. Not so hard just yet, but my erection had potential. I kept thinking and stroking, my dry hand giving a nice stimulation. And then things started feeling right, like they were supposed to feel. Nice.

Since the ill-fated vasectomy jacking off has become more frustration than it’s worth. I used to just be hard, and take advantage of it for some nice relief. No longer. I have to get hard, which is usually too much nearly-fruitless endeavor for a solo orgasm. But here I am. Hard. I flip the covers off and look. Yes, I could have a worthy fuck with the stiffie I’ve got. It’s nice on many levels.

I set the book aside and pay more attention. My palm scrapes down the firm underside of my shaft, my thumb and fingers nip against the edges of my cock head and it feels like I’m lighting a match, my fingers rub across the soft expanse of my balls.

Damn. This is going somewhere. I’ve only jacked off to orgasm maybe four times in the past10 years. I used to do it maybe 10 times in a month.

There’s the girl in the shower. There’s the girl on our bed. There I am exploring her unfamiliar pussy with my fingers. There I am, my hard cock going into her pussy for the first time and we’re fucking, like boys and girls do, her tits jouncing up and down with our rhythm in a way River’s never could.

I’m not even going to have to work too hard for this one. I can feel it wanting to come, the match I’ve struck aching to burst into flame. Just a little encouragement. Some fingers pressing under my balls. That’s it.

I watch myself come. Something I haven’t seen for a long time. What will it be like? A good shot?  There’s the contraction. It’s good. But nothing coming out. No mighty jets of jizz. Just my straining cock. And another. What’s happening? It feels fine. It feels good. But nothing. At least cleanup will be easy. Finally, not a spurt but a dribble, a respectable amount at least, but an uninspired dribble. I let it drip down onto myself, pressing hard against the base of my stiff cock, and relax.

Thank you, shower girl. Until next time.


Have a nice day

I’ve been playing with myself in the few minutes before River comes to bed. I’m not sure this is going to work. River came home wanting to use the Magic Wand, and I’d really like to come through for her despite buzzing myself out on Adderall and caffeine during the day.  But I’ve felt like things weren’t going to work before, and I always try to stay optimistic because I don’t want to create a self-fulfilling prophecy of failure. And why wouldn’t I be optimistic about fucking River. Especially since she’s the one with the urge tonight.

She comes in, drops her robe, and gets under the covers with me. We snuggle a bit then I grab the Magic Wand off the floor and hand it to her. I always wonder what the women who clean the house think when they see it there. I imagine they’ve seen it all.

“I don’t know how you do that with that thing.” “Neither do I.” She throws the switch and there’s the heavy-duty hum of her clit being erased, rubbed out, ground down, obliterated.

I kneel beside her, facing her, using my hands to take inspiration from her boobs and body. Women with small sporty tits really drive me crazy.

I feel a little response in my cock as she does her thing under the covers with her knees up and I rub and brush and squeeze her tits and surroundings then slide my hand down to feel some bush between my fingers. I’m not going to be able to fuck her in her first one. Maybe not even the second. But I should be good to go by the third.

Shortly into her first one she switches off the Magic Wand and keeps things going with her fingers. Watching her and thinking about what she’s doing gets me harder.

She keeps going and we have a mutual masturbation session, with me watching her work her own pussy while I stroke my hardening cock, until her body convulses with her second one. “You look like you’re ready.” It’s true. I’m plenty hard. I’ve just been having a good time watching.  She turns towards me, spreads her wings, I lean forward and plunge into her, and she pulls off another one as we fuck, a good hard pussy-pounding of a fuck, while I pull a nipple into my mouth and River gasps. I hold off through that one, but with River enjoying fucking so much it’s my turn pretty soon and I keep banging into her pussy like a wild man right through my orgasm.

We slow down and keep going until I’m no longer hard enough. Then I see River going for another one under the covers. “I couldn’t resist.” “I’m glad you can do that. I wish I could.” “Those were nice lingering ones with lots of aftershocks.”  I want to come back as a girl.

I told her I’d had both Adderall and caffeine — Constant Comment tea, which I always think of as an old lady tea but it’s got one of the better caffeine kicks of any variety. But I didn’t tell her I’d taken double my usual Adderall dose. So I guess Adderall is off the hook for causing sexual dysfunction. Which is good, because I came this close to chucking it in the trash even though it is good for some things.

“I wonder what got into you?” “Post-period horniness?” “But that was our third fuck since your period. The Adderall fuck, the morning fuck, and now this one.” It’s been really great fucking every day and a half.  That really is my ideal frequency, and I like the switch-up between morning and evening. “I don’t know. Maybe I just had a good day.”

Speed kills?

Well it wasn’t the next night, but it was the morning after that.  A bit of a cheat really because of the morning wood.  But as usual  I let my erection subside then snuggled on River until I got properly aroused, because fucking with morning wood … there’s just something missing.

So I’m spooned on River, getting hard, and she’s doing her best not to notice, even when I slide my cock under her ass and rub against her pussy.  How she can keep from reaching down and at least touching it if not slipping it right in is beyond me.  I know she hasn’t had a warmup but she doesn’t really like a warmup.  “Fucking for foreplay” I call it.  And here she is, true to form, making me do all the work, get her lips parted set my cock in place and push.  Not much movement this morning, more like a fancy hug.

Oh yeah.  We just did this a day and a half ago.  When I had the Adderall-induced ED.  A day and a half is perfect for me but she’s more like once a month.  No wonder she didn’t have the uncontrollable urge to reach down and stick it in.  At least this morning I’ve got a good stiffie, staying hard for  a long time with just the occasional stimulating movement.  It’s really more about the hug.  The fuck is an extra bonus.  Some mornings I wouldn’t even be thinking about coming but last time was a bit unsatisfying so a nice orgasm would be welcome this morning.  Something to get the day off to a good start.

Eventually I roll River onto her stomach and I roll up onto her.  That’s the stuff.  I’ve got one leg alongside hers, the opposite foot against her other leg, squeezing them together.  Tight pussy.  God she feels good under me.  Everything about her.  I reach up under her arm and our hands squeeze together.

It’s still a nice slow fuck.  I can feel all the nuances of her walls as I slide in along this side, then that side, then drill in steep.  Ooo, I feel the twinge of that orgasm, like stepping over some kind of threshold.  I hold off a few times as we fuck.  Yes, we: River is pushing her ass back against me and giving the occasional moan.

Finally I just let go.  I’m still as the wave of orgasm picks me up and throws me against the shore.  The spurts of jizz emptying my nuts deep into her pussy feel right this time.

We hold our position for a few minutes, then I roll off and we do our usual t-shirt cleanup ritual.  A good start to the day.

Wait a minute.  I didn’t mean to write all that.  I just wanted to say that I buzzed out on speed and caffeine today and found a phone to have order me on Amazon with her Prime account.  Then River came home and surprise surprise she said she had an urge that’s going to take the Magic Wand to satisfy.  Holy crap.  It’s only been another day and a half which is perfect for me.  But I hope my speed doesn’t kill my performance.  I’d really like to fuck River in the orgasm tonight.  She’d like it too.

Sort of but not really

It’s been eight days and I am one horny horndog. Especially because one of my favorite bloggers from back in the day has resurfaced after years and I’ve been reading her stuff. Every morning I’ve been waking up with serious wood. River is just coming back from being out of town for a day and a night and she knows what’s going to happen tonight.

We get some kissing going. Pretty passionate. She’s just come to bed and I’m really liking her cold titties. We arrange ourselves so she can work my cock against her parts which usually does the job. But her tits, my favorite tits, aren’t working their magic tonight, even though I’m having a good time warming them up. My cock just isn’t responding.

So I sit up between her legs and take over. And still my response is pathetic.  It’s like her normal response.

Maybe if I eat her pussy. She doesn’t like it much but I do and it turns me on getting up close and personal. Some explorations with the tip of my tongue, then the flat goes against her clit and rubs her the same way she does herself with her fingers. And she’s responding! That gives me something to work with. But then she cools off again and I’m left wondering why I’m doing this.

Sit up again, thumb on her clit, push a finger into her nice wet warm pussy, then two fingers, squeezing for her g-spot. Sometimes it’s crazy how things can just go right in there. She’s crazy wet for sure. I can’t wait to get my cock in there.

And finally I’m getting hard. But not very. Enough to go in though. Even on the worst days it usually perks up once it goes in and hits some nice friction and figures out what’s going on.

But her pussy is just solid wet and I’m not finding the friction I’m looking for. It would be fine if my cock were hard enough to give her the fuck she deserves but it only feels halfway there. “I think I got you too wet for my own good.”

We fuck anyway and still I’m not getting harder. But I do feel an orgasm coming on after not much sloshing around in her pussy with my seemingly limp dick. Can that happen? Apparently, because after a little more sloshing it’s definitely going to happen, and then it does happen. Since I’m not fully hard it feels funny, not the usual powerful spurts, not my balls feeling like they’re giving a good squeeze, just, I don’t know, my stuff is coming out but that’s about all I can say. But I do say this: “Well that was a surprise.” Kind of a premature ejaculation where nothing was expected.

I’m not even sure it was a good surprise but I guess I have to take it. We fucked. Sort of. I came. Sort of. River even enjoyed the pussy eating, sort of, for a while.

Well if you can’t have a bad fuck with your sweetie who knows and loves you, who can you have a bad fuck with?

But why didn’t my horny work? What about the nice wood I’ve been waking up with? River even asks: “What do you think happened?”

And suddenly I remember. I started a new Adderall prescription this morning. I’ve been on and off the stuff over the years, even though it’s considered by some random people who don’t even know me to have a high potential for abuse and therefore the feds make it nearly impossible for me to get, taking it in a vain attempt to stave off chronic fatigue. But I’ve never had this particular problem with Adderall before, at least not beyond the ED that some hack of a “doctor” gave me along with a vasectomy. Adderall’s usual effect is to give me enough energy where I feel I can take a good nap, then I take one.

So I look up Adderall and erection. There’s the usual crap about how it can affect your mood, mood affects erection, blah blah blah bullshit. Then there are the stories by the guys who are on it and can’t get it up even though they’re absolutely in the mood and ready to go. Like I was. There you go.

Adderall-induced ED would be completely intolerable. Any kind of ED is intolerable for me. Sex is my major antidepressant after all.

I’ll give it another “shot” (ha ha) but if it happens again that vial will be subject to the same fate as the Wellbutrin that made me suicidal. Unceremoniously thrown in the trash. I don’t even have enough energy to try to sell it to someone who might actually want it.

And I’ll do my best to make sure my next shot is tonight.


There’s some kind of big football game going on right now.  When I say football I mean the ugly American game, not the beautiful international game.

I’d been blissfully unaware of the entire season until River came home from the store yesterday and said there was a weird vibe there.  And a lot of people.  “Maybe it was pick-up night at the grocery store?”  “Maybe.  There was one guy looking at me like he’d pick me up.  I feel like I’m in my second hotness in life.”  “You’ve always been hot.  I’d pick you up at the grocery store.  Especially if you were in the tea section.  And hey, you were just at the naked spa.  You know you’re hot.”  “Yeah, down there looking at my competition.  Or lack thereof.”  That’s the spirit.  I don’t get to go the naked spa because it seems to be for women only, but many times I’ve come back from somewhere where the women are in swimsuits and get to tell River how her only competition was decades younger.

Then she figures it out.  “I think so many people were shopping because that football game is tomorrow.”  I wish she hadn’t told me that.

But last night I had a weird feeling that there was something good connected with this particular football game.  Didn’t think there was any chance I’d remember what it was.  Then it hit me.  There’s a building nearby with am interesting public space inside that would make a really interesting photography set.  Erotic photography.  And when we were there a year or two ago during this game the place was deserted.  And I made a mental note to remember later.  And here it is, later.  And I’m remembering.

I ask River about it.  “What, you want me to be naked in that public building?”  “No, I was thinking you could wear a skirt, and flip it up teasingly, then it could go right back down.”  “Hmm..  Maybe.”

Well.  We’ll see.

Edit: Ha ha, mission accomplished.  We’ll see, indeed.  I’ll make an exhibitionist out of her yet.

Return of the sex dice

We might start using the sex dice again.

The sex dice? What’s that? Like those fuzzy dice some people have hanging from the mirror in their car? Or something to tell us what position or kinky act we’re going to do tonight? Maybe a pair of vibrating anal cubes, one for each of us, and an app to control them?

Nothing like that, although the vibrating cubes could be interesting. Just a pair of regular dice that River and I used to roll after having sex to see when we’d do it again. Tonight? Tomorrow? Next week?

Why would we do such a thing?  Because it was nice for both of us to know. I didn’t have to worry about propositioning and being rejected, River didn’t have to worry about being propositioned. It made things nice and relaxed. The therapist I was seeing at the time thought they were great.

Here’s how they worked. I know you really want to hear about vibrating anal cubes. Maybe some day. But for now here’s what you get. We’d compromised on sex an average of every three days. Not every three days—that would be mechanical and boring, kind of like “Tuesday is sex night” or whatever.  We can do it in the morning or the evening (roughly speaking). River stipulates no sex the morning after evening sex. Never mind that morning after is the very best time, when you’ve still got that glow from the night before. That was part of our compromise. The best compromise might be “if either of us ever says no they have to make up for it somehow”, and that might work for some people, but it’s way out of River’s zone. Even the three day average is pushing it with her. She’s more like once a month you know.

But I was going to explain how they worked. I looked long and hard (gotta love that expression) through my old blogs and through email with friends because I thought I’d explained it in some detail but I couldn’t find it so I had to work it all out again. And I did. Here it is:

Some time after sex we do this: We say “Monday evening”, or whatever the next evening is, and we each roll a die and if they come up the same then it’s a date. Otherwise we move on to “Tuesday morning” and roll again. For the mornings we keep rolling until neither of us rolls a one, then if the numbers match it’s a date. If they don’t match we move on to the next evening, and the whole process continues until our date is set. Then we each relax, knowing when our next fuck will be with no rejections or trepidations

Sexy, huh? You bet! Especially because we get to cheat and fuck before our “date” if we want to.  And it’s certainly romantic to be working together to improve our relationship.

You may have noticed that this creates the possibility of sex in the morning and evening of the same day. That was practically non-existent before the sex dice.  So it’s an extra bonus!  The statisticians among you can figure out how often that will happen but I prefer to be surprised.

But we may not need the sex dice after all.  Things have been going well enough without them lately, and we both like it that way.