My butt itches

“My butt itches.” “Probably those new panties you’re wearing.” “I’m not wearing any.” I slide my hand casually down her summer dress. Nothing but nice sooth ass under that thin blue fabric. My cock gets heavier as I run my hand over her. “Are you feeling it yet?” By “it”, I mean her post-period hornies. She wasn’t feeling it last night, much to my dismay. “Not yet. Maybe later.” “Well you can feel this then.” I put her hand on my shorts. She gives my arousal a good investigation. “Nice.” All I can think about is pulling her dress up and banging right there in the living room. I pull it up over her ass and she squeals “Noooooo!”

And she’s got to go do some errand or something. We’ve got company coming over at noon, in a few hours. I wonder how much “later” it will be. At least I can think about River out there in public in just the lightweight dress with no bra or panties. I hope her butt doesn’t itch.

Dot dot dot

I’ve got a feeling that’s going to be the entire post. But River’s back quickly, almost before I’m done writing. “I like gardener Reed.” I’d gotten up early to make sure my little planties don’t starve from thirst. “I look like a wild man who lives in the weeds.” “I don’t care what you look like. Just what you smell like.”

And somehow River is locking the front door and we’re in the bedroom and she’s pulling her dress up for me and bending over with her hands down on the bed. “I thought you might like the view.” “I never realized our house has such a nice view.” She spreads her legs a bit as I drop my shorts — I, too, am going commando — and slip one hand under her ass for her pussy and put the other on my stiffening cock to help it along. When we’re ready I try to get her lips spread and push into her. No go. And even River is having problems spreading her wings and lining us up for the initial stick-in. It just won’t go. Is her pussy that tight? “It’s like there’s a piece of Saran wrap between us.” Finally we get it together and my cock inches into her pussy and I feel her ass pushing back against me. And we fuck.

We get a nice vigorous start. River always likes that. I’m grabbing her hips and we’ve got that serious banging action going. But even though it’s great, I don’t want to keep it up. I want to last. “I could come really fast.” “Can you tell I’ve been kegeling?” “Give me a squeeze.” “I have been.”

I slow down and grind into River, left, right, center, up, down. Savoring the deliciousness spreading into me from her cunt. I run my fingers over the skin on her back, down her sides, along the flair of her hips. “You’re probably wondering when I’m going to get back to the vigorous bang.” But she’s never thinking what I think she’s thinking. “I’m enjoying having my curves appreciated.” “You are a good view. And you’ve got my favorite pussy.” Slow and sensual, all the way out, all the way in, feeling everything from her frilly entrance to her cervix.

I’m speeding up. Feeling her toned legs against mine. Putting a hand on her shoulder for leverage, pulling her back against me. Her pussy feels crazy good, torturously tight and texturous squeezing my desperately thrusting cock. This is going to be some orgasm. Can I stay standing? I don’t care. I’ll just grab River to keep myself from falling when my knees buckle. Good thing she’s bent over, hands braced on the bed, taking it for all she’s worth.

I try to hold off because it’s too good to end. I look through the window wondering if anybody’s watching, nobody, too bad, I look down at River, she knows what’s about to happen, she knows she has my favorite pussy, then I’m leaning on her for balance and groaning and pushing and unloading six days worth into her as she grinds back against me and wiggles her ass.

Did anybody hear us? I always hope so. That’s the kind of thing I’d like to hear when I’m out for a walk.

We relax, then disconnect and wipe up. River will probably be wearing panties the rest of the day. She’s not the kind of girl who enjoys having things drip down her leg. Especially not with company coming over.

“You know the most obvious sign of doing kegels was?” “What?” “I never felt any air in there at any time.”


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