Why do I call it that

Why do I call it fucking? Some people think that’s not a nice word. I think it’s a very nice word. It’s what River and I do, after all. We fuck.  And it’s very nice.

What about alternatives?  We don’t “have sex”. That just sounds so much like “Hmm. I know I used to have some sex. It was around here somewhere. I wonder where it’s wandered off to?”

And we certainly don’t “make love”. Eew. That’s so 70s. A decade best forgotten. Except for Devo, the Sex Pistols, and the Ramones. And sending people to the moon. And the first microprocessor.

It’s not “making love”.  Even though there’s an extraordinary amount of love involved. The love is already there, we’re not making it. Even though we’re “making it” in another sense of the term. Or is that what “making it” really means? Fuck.

Sometimes we call it “doing it”. When we’re feeling geekish it might be “mating”. Sometimes “being affectionate”. Then there’s “screwing”, but that’s for when we’re feeling extra raunchy.

So most often we call it good ol’ straight up fucking. It’s what we do.

And I hope you do too.