A well-prepared pussy

I get back in bed in the morning. Warm myself up on my sweetie furnace. Which seems to be going full blast. She’s really putting out the heat.

River shrieks and pulls back when I put a cold hand on her boob. Again on her stomach. I have to warm it up somewhere.  I slide my hand along her leg. She puts it between them, my palm on her mons, my fingers curving down to cover her labia. That’s unusual. Unexpected. But not unwelcome. I feel quite welcome. Her legs squeeze around my hand. “Cooch.” “What?” “That’s just what it feels like this way. Cooch.” “Coochy coo.”

I don’t want to overstay my welcome between her legs. I suspect she saw that as the least evil spot I could put my cold hand. Nothing more. This can’t be a come-on. We just fucked last night. A long and creative fuck, with two new positions. One I’ll call Flip Flop, where we each had an impressive view of the the other’s butthole. The other one . . . no idea what to call it. Picture us doing spoons on our left sides, then me rolling face down and putting my right leg on her left shoulder. More silly than functional. Let me know if you can name it.

And she does feel so . . . coochy down there, with her bush against my palm and my fingers nestled among her flaps and folds. I give her nice warm cooch some admiring squeezes, slide my fingers left, right, up, down, over the flaps, through the folds, across and around her clit, pulling and squeezing her lips between my fingers.

“Your hand should be getting warm.” “Yes.” “And wet.” The edges of her lips are surprisingly moist and slippery as I slide them past each other. But I haven’t checked between them yet. I fan my fingers, push a little deeper . . . and she’s sopping. “What have you been dreaming about?” “Work.” Doesn’t seem likely. I’ve never been successful at getting her to come into the stairway with me at her work. Maybe someone else has?

Long story short, and I do mean long story, we have a tremendous fuck. River’s pussy is exquisite, sensation-al I call it, from the tickling frill of her opening to the surprise party of her cervix. But her pussy is only the icing on the cake. She’s really into it. We’re squeezing together harder than ever, rocking side to side, grinding everything we’ve got until we’ve ground each other down so far we’ve got another inch of penetration. We especially like it when I sit up and push and pull her, holding still while jacking myself off with her pussy, with her whole body. When I keep up her favorite pounding rhythm she’s liking it so much and making so much noise I can only keep it up for so long without coming.

“I don’t even want to come.” “It’s up to you.” “I feel like it would be an anticlimax, after what we’ve been doing.” “You usually have a really good one after not finishing.” Last night, that is. “There’s always next time.” I can’t believe I said that. That’s her line.  I’m always about this time.

My cock flips up and thwacks me when I pull out. I like that.

“I should tell you. I had a dream and woke up with an orgasm. Then had a few more. That was a well-prepared pussy you were fucking.”


Unfinished etc.

Our fuck last night was unfinished, like so many of my blog posts lately that don’t get posted. I’ll do well to get this one beyond that first sentence.

River has gone off her SSRI, and her libido seems to have rebounded. A week or so ago she had a seemingly endless run of orgasms, her first of the year. I think she’s had more than I’ve had this year now. I barely got hard enough in time to fuck her in her first one, I almost told her she’d have to go solo, but I got to fuck her in her first orgasm and after that they just kept coming. Easy ones. I could rub her bush and give her an orgasm. She was still reaching down and giving herself a few more through her panties while getting dressed afterwards. She explains that at some point it’s not so much giving herself one, as that there’s one there just beneath the surface that only needs a bit of encouragement to break through. She says she may have been ovulating that day.

She also had a spontaneous orgasm while having a not-very-sexy dream. That hasn’t happened for a while.

River is also no longer using the NuvaRing she was on for a few months. It made her pussy wet to the point where she would drip during the day, and she didn’t really enjoy that. From my side, her pussy was so slippery that fucking didn’t feel as nice. We both like the feel of her usual “sticky friction”, and the way it changes during her cycle. On her best days it’s a lot like massage oil, things glide smoothly without being outright slippery.

Sometimes I would enjoy the feeling of the NuvaRing as my cock brushed past it in her pussy, sometimes I wouldn’t notice it, and a few times I speared it and pulled out to find it on the base of my cock. Fortunately her cervix will always be there for me to feel.  It’s a nice bonus sensation at the end of a long push, and River seems to like having it mashed. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to put a couple marbles in her pussy.

Our fuck last night was nice. River lay on her back with her legs resting together straight up in the air. Her snatch was its usual cute self, peeking between her legs, labia nestled in her bush. I played my thumb over her pussy while I got hard, then pushed it into her and explored her warm wetness while I got harder.  There’s something naughty about having my thumb in her pussy that I really like.

We did the stick-in in that position and fucked for a long time, with me reaching around her legs to hold myself with my hands on her breasts. When I rolled back and pulled her up on top she returned the favor, her hands pressing down on my chest, my hands on her tits again, while she worked her pussy up and down me and I almost came watching her bush devour my cock again and again.

But River had to wake up early the next morning, and I didn’t want to keep her up too late and finish just for the sake of finishing. And usually when I don’t finish we get back to it the next day, and I have a huge orgasm. So I don’t mind not finishing. I like the tension in my balls when we’re “in the middle of a fuck” like we are now. And not finishing makes me appreciate River’s point of view, where she doesn’t have to orgasm to enjoy being fucked.

I fell asleep before River for the first time in ages.


River has promised to jump me sometime this week during her post-period horny time. But we’ve both been sick with the flu. And tonight she’s hanging out with a friend and she has to get up early tomorrow so I’m not expecting anything to happen. She needs her rest.

She comes home just as I’ve gotten Brook off to sleep, and announces that her breath may smell somewhat alcoholic, which she knows isn’t my favorite. But I put a good spin on it: “Is that a hint?” “I might jump you tonight.” I’m not going to argue with that, am I?

“I didn’t have much, and it certainly didn’t go to my head.” “Where did it go? Here?” My fingers slide through her bush, down to her lips, running beside them, teasing up to her clit. “No.” Wrong thing to say. Do I have to start writing scripts for this girl to follow? “Maybe here?” I move my hand up her smooth warm skin, cup her nice small breast, brush my fingertips across her nipple. “No.” Across to the other breast. “Here?” “No.” I could write a script with just one word, “Yes”.

River rolls on top of me. “How do I jump a guy with ED?” “I don’t know. Any self-respecting guy would have a raging erection by now.” Even with all the no’s. But lying on my back is the worst position for me to get hard in. Maybe it’s a blood flow thing. So I sit up and she spreads for me. “I consider myself jumped.”

My palm rubs over her curly bush hair, tugging the cute tuft just above her clit, pulling her lips upward. The wet smacky sounds of her pussy have the expected effect on me as I stroke my cock until it’s finally good and hard. “Are you sure it didn’t go here?” “Because it sounds so wet?” “And looks so drunk.” Pulling the skin at the top of her vulva spreads her labia, and I sink my cock into her wet pussy at the bottom. And we fuck.

“Nice technique.” We both like it when I pull all the way out, until we’re not even touching, then plunge back in and go deep. “I like the full thrusts.” I like having my hard cock inside her. “And I like the anticipation when you miss.” You’d think I miss on purpose sometimes.

We transition through any number of positions. “Are you trying to get me on top?” I lean back and pull her up. There’s her answer.

“Now, how did this work?” I reach up, trying to remember how I learned to flip her in karate. “I can’t remember it in the middle of a fuck.” And I want her to stay on top.

So I relax into it as she gives me single point, the soft grip of her pussy working me up and down. I fuck back when she puts her knees on my chest, then lowers them to the bed and bends down with her face next to mine. She sits up, rubbing her bush against me as she fucks forwards and backwards instead of up and down. It’s been too long since she’s done that one. My cock in her pussy almost feels like an afterthought as she rubs her clit against me, but it feels impossibly good.

“I don’t think I’m going to finish tonight.” Even though it’s been a delightful fuck. “And you need some sleep.” “Thanks for thinking about that. We can finish tomorrow after work.” She squeezes and slides up off me and my cock thwaps down onto my stomach. How does she do that so easily? Stopping in the middle of a fuck is one of the hardest things I ever do.

“You should get drunk more often.” “It’s more going out with my friend.” “You should do that more often. Then you both go home and fuck your sweeties.” “Yeah, I was thinking every week would be nice.” “I was thinking more like three times a week, at least.”