On another planet

My plans never work out. The tracking page for my unboundbox says it has been delivered. I check my porch excitedly.  No box. I double-check. Still nothing. I check the tracking page again. Yep, it says delivered.  WTF. Only then do I notice my box has been delivered to somewhere in North Carolina. I do not live in North Carolina. I don’t even know where North Carolina is. On another planet for all the good it does me. All I know about North Carolina is the capital is named after some English drug pusher. And someone there is having a windfall of a good time with the deliciously obscene contents of my box.

I’m exaggerating in my moment of frustration here. I’m actually pretty good at geography. North Carolina is just above South Carolina. And to the left of East Carolina. But since East Carolina is completely underwater that doesn’t help much.

“The Girls” at unboundbox.com are sincerely apologetic and graciously offer to overnight me a replacement. I let them know they don’t need to go to that expense on my behalf. Three days would actually be ideal timing.

Meanwhile, rest assured that River did indeed “make it up” to me.


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