It’s been six days. Or four and a half, but that last was a short, but friendly and vigorous, unfinished fuck. So I’m going to say six. River’s had a really hectic last two weeks, what with school, and work, and going out of town twice, not to mention the usual crap. She turned me down last night, but said “I’ll make it up to you.”

So when she comes home from work during the day I think maybe it’s for that quickie we’ve talked about. But no, she’s just here to put on an undershirt because maybe her shirt is too see-through. As if. “You did say you’d make it up to me. Can’t blame me for my eternal hope.” “Well I have to give the world its due first.” Sigh. It’s really disheartening. Fuck the world.  Bad idea.  Fuck me instead.

But here comes my optimism again. I’m wondering what she might come up with as a make up?

I think I can help. Some months ago I was contacted by “The Girls” at (To be clear, I’ve neither gotten nor intend to get any kind of compensation for plugging them here or anywhere else, other than a discount on my first order, and the pleasure of having some correspondence with them.) What’s  “The Girls” there put together curated boxes of sexual goodies on a quarterly subscription basis. Clicking over to their site, their boxes seem thoughtfully put together and varied. But River would probably roll her eyes at them. Like she does at me, and for the same reason.

Good thing I have a friend who would put a box like that to good use. And she says her partner would be ok with me having an unboundbox sent to her. So I do. It would have been sad to just let that first-order discount burn a hole in my pocket. And “The Girls” are so sweet.

So my friend gets her first box. I’m not even sure quite what’s in it. And what does she say . . . she seems to like it, and tells me the lube was particularly great. I’m sure she’s not telling me everything. Such a tease.

Then she gets her second box. And her response is a bit of a rave. I don’t think she’ll mind if I quote her:

Sweet Baby Jeebus! It all looks deliciously obscene and looking forward to trying ‘stuff’ out… The unbound packages are very well done. Love the wrapping, the contents and also the fact that a % goes to a relevant charity. So cool!

So I respond:

Your micro-review has me wanting to get one for River. So don’t tell me what’s in it. I want to be as surprised as you.

To which she says:

OMG you soooo should!! Xxx

So I do. And that sets the stage for River “making it up” to me.  Because the box comes today.


3 thoughts on “Anticipation

  1. Hey there,
    New to you, having found your neck of the net when I did a search for that retro siren, Baby Breese. Yep. She etched herself in my youthful brain, too.
    Thanks for being so candid about your relationship. I went back to the beginning of your posting, trying to find the answer to a question, but did not see an answer. Granted, I did not read every post. What I am curious about is the way in which you appear to be under orders to limit the amount of sex you can have. Could you direct me to the post/s that explain/s this?
    Kind regards,

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