Speed kills?

Well it wasn’t the next night, but it was the morning after that.  A bit of a cheat really because of the morning wood.  But as usual  I let my erection subside then snuggled on River until I got properly aroused, because fucking with morning wood … there’s just something missing.

So I’m spooned on River, getting hard, and she’s doing her best not to notice, even when I slide my cock under her ass and rub against her pussy.  How she can keep from reaching down and at least touching it if not slipping it right in is beyond me.  I know she hasn’t had a warmup but she doesn’t really like a warmup.  “Fucking for foreplay” I call it.  And here she is, true to form, making me do all the work, get her lips parted set my cock in place and push.  Not much movement this morning, more like a fancy hug.

Oh yeah.  We just did this a day and a half ago.  When I had the Adderall-induced ED.  A day and a half is perfect for me but she’s more like once a month.  No wonder she didn’t have the uncontrollable urge to reach down and stick it in.  At least this morning I’ve got a good stiffie, staying hard for  a long time with just the occasional stimulating movement.  It’s really more about the hug.  The fuck is an extra bonus.  Some mornings I wouldn’t even be thinking about coming but last time was a bit unsatisfying so a nice orgasm would be welcome this morning.  Something to get the day off to a good start.

Eventually I roll River onto her stomach and I roll up onto her.  That’s the stuff.  I’ve got one leg alongside hers, the opposite foot against her other leg, squeezing them together.  Tight pussy.  God she feels good under me.  Everything about her.  I reach up under her arm and our hands squeeze together.

It’s still a nice slow fuck.  I can feel all the nuances of her walls as I slide in along this side, then that side, then drill in steep.  Ooo, I feel the twinge of that orgasm, like stepping over some kind of threshold.  I hold off a few times as we fuck.  Yes, we: River is pushing her ass back against me and giving the occasional moan.

Finally I just let go.  I’m still as the wave of orgasm picks me up and throws me against the shore.  The spurts of jizz emptying my nuts deep into her pussy feel right this time.

We hold our position for a few minutes, then I roll off and we do our usual t-shirt cleanup ritual.  A good start to the day.

Wait a minute.  I didn’t mean to write all that.  I just wanted to say that I buzzed out on speed and caffeine today and found a phone to have order me on Amazon with her Prime account.  Then River came home and surprise surprise she said she had an urge that’s going to take the Magic Wand to satisfy.  Holy crap.  It’s only been another day and a half which is perfect for me.  But I hope my speed doesn’t kill my performance.  I’d really like to fuck River in the orgasm tonight.  She’d like it too.


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