Have a nice day

I’ve been playing with myself in the few minutes before River comes to bed. I’m not sure this is going to work. River came home wanting to use the Magic Wand, and I’d really like to come through for her despite buzzing myself out on Adderall and caffeine during the day.  But I’ve felt like things weren’t going to work before, and I always try to stay optimistic because I don’t want to create a self-fulfilling prophecy of failure. And why wouldn’t I be optimistic about fucking River. Especially since she’s the one with the urge tonight.

She comes in, drops her robe, and gets under the covers with me. We snuggle a bit then I grab the Magic Wand off the floor and hand it to her. I always wonder what the women who clean the house think when they see it there. I imagine they’ve seen it all.

“I don’t know how you do that with that thing.” “Neither do I.” She throws the switch and there’s the heavy-duty hum of her clit being erased, rubbed out, ground down, obliterated.

I kneel beside her, facing her, using my hands to take inspiration from her boobs and body. Women with small sporty tits really drive me crazy.

I feel a little response in my cock as she does her thing under the covers with her knees up and I rub and brush and squeeze her tits and surroundings then slide my hand down to feel some bush between my fingers. I’m not going to be able to fuck her in her first one. Maybe not even the second. But I should be good to go by the third.

Shortly into her first one she switches off the Magic Wand and keeps things going with her fingers. Watching her and thinking about what she’s doing gets me harder.

She keeps going and we have a mutual masturbation session, with me watching her work her own pussy while I stroke my hardening cock, until her body convulses with her second one. “You look like you’re ready.” It’s true. I’m plenty hard. I’ve just been having a good time watching.  She turns towards me, spreads her wings, I lean forward and plunge into her, and she pulls off another one as we fuck, a good hard pussy-pounding of a fuck, while I pull a nipple into my mouth and River gasps. I hold off through that one, but with River enjoying fucking so much it’s my turn pretty soon and I keep banging into her pussy like a wild man right through my orgasm.

We slow down and keep going until I’m no longer hard enough. Then I see River going for another one under the covers. “I couldn’t resist.” “I’m glad you can do that. I wish I could.” “Those were nice lingering ones with lots of aftershocks.”  I want to come back as a girl.

I told her I’d had both Adderall and caffeine — Constant Comment tea, which I always think of as an old lady tea but it’s got one of the better caffeine kicks of any variety. But I didn’t tell her I’d taken double my usual Adderall dose. So I guess Adderall is off the hook for causing sexual dysfunction. Which is good, because I came this close to chucking it in the trash even though it is good for some things.

“I wonder what got into you?” “Post-period horniness?” “But that was our third fuck since your period. The Adderall fuck, the morning fuck, and now this one.” It’s been really great fucking every day and a half.  That really is my ideal frequency, and I like the switch-up between morning and evening. “I don’t know. Maybe I just had a good day.”


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