Sort of but not really

It’s been eight days and I am one horny horndog. Especially because one of my favorite bloggers from back in the day has resurfaced after years and I’ve been reading her stuff. Every morning I’ve been waking up with serious wood. River is just coming back from being out of town for a day and a night and she knows what’s going to happen tonight.

We get some kissing going. Pretty passionate. She’s just come to bed and I’m really liking her cold titties. We arrange ourselves so she can work my cock against her parts which usually does the job. But her tits, my favorite tits, aren’t working their magic tonight, even though I’m having a good time warming them up. My cock just isn’t responding.

So I sit up between her legs and take over. And still my response is pathetic.  It’s like her normal response.

Maybe if I eat her pussy. She doesn’t like it much but I do and it turns me on getting up close and personal. Some explorations with the tip of my tongue, then the flat goes against her clit and rubs her the same way she does herself with her fingers. And she’s responding! That gives me something to work with. But then she cools off again and I’m left wondering why I’m doing this.

Sit up again, thumb on her clit, push a finger into her nice wet warm pussy, then two fingers, squeezing for her g-spot. Sometimes it’s crazy how things can just go right in there. She’s crazy wet for sure. I can’t wait to get my cock in there.

And finally I’m getting hard. But not very. Enough to go in though. Even on the worst days it usually perks up once it goes in and hits some nice friction and figures out what’s going on.

But her pussy is just solid wet and I’m not finding the friction I’m looking for. It would be fine if my cock were hard enough to give her the fuck she deserves but it only feels halfway there. “I think I got you too wet for my own good.”

We fuck anyway and still I’m not getting harder. But I do feel an orgasm coming on after not much sloshing around in her pussy with my seemingly limp dick. Can that happen? Apparently, because after a little more sloshing it’s definitely going to happen, and then it does happen. Since I’m not fully hard it feels funny, not the usual powerful spurts, not my balls feeling like they’re giving a good squeeze, just, I don’t know, my stuff is coming out but that’s about all I can say. But I do say this: “Well that was a surprise.” Kind of a premature ejaculation where nothing was expected.

I’m not even sure it was a good surprise but I guess I have to take it. We fucked. Sort of. I came. Sort of. River even enjoyed the pussy eating, sort of, for a while.

Well if you can’t have a bad fuck with your sweetie who knows and loves you, who can you have a bad fuck with?

But why didn’t my horny work? What about the nice wood I’ve been waking up with? River even asks: “What do you think happened?”

And suddenly I remember. I started a new Adderall prescription this morning. I’ve been on and off the stuff over the years, even though it’s considered by some random people who don’t even know me to have a high potential for abuse and therefore the feds make it nearly impossible for me to get, taking it in a vain attempt to stave off chronic fatigue. But I’ve never had this particular problem with Adderall before, at least not beyond the ED that some hack of a “doctor” gave me along with a vasectomy. Adderall’s usual effect is to give me enough energy where I feel I can take a good nap, then I take one.

So I look up Adderall and erection. There’s the usual crap about how it can affect your mood, mood affects erection, blah blah blah bullshit. Then there are the stories by the guys who are on it and can’t get it up even though they’re absolutely in the mood and ready to go. Like I was. There you go.

Adderall-induced ED would be completely intolerable. Any kind of ED is intolerable for me. Sex is my major antidepressant after all.

I’ll give it another “shot” (ha ha) but if it happens again that vial will be subject to the same fate as the Wellbutrin that made me suicidal. Unceremoniously thrown in the trash. I don’t even have enough energy to try to sell it to someone who might actually want it.

And I’ll do my best to make sure my next shot is tonight.


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