There’s some kind of big football game going on right now.  When I say football I mean the ugly American game, not the beautiful international game.

I’d been blissfully unaware of the entire season until River came home from the store yesterday and said there was a weird vibe there.  And a lot of people.  “Maybe it was pick-up night at the grocery store?”  “Maybe.  There was one guy looking at me like he’d pick me up.  I feel like I’m in my second hotness in life.”  “You’ve always been hot.  I’d pick you up at the grocery store.  Especially if you were in the tea section.  And hey, you were just at the naked spa.  You know you’re hot.”  “Yeah, down there looking at my competition.  Or lack thereof.”  That’s the spirit.  I don’t get to go the naked spa because it seems to be for women only, but many times I’ve come back from somewhere where the women are in swimsuits and get to tell River how her only competition was decades younger.

Then she figures it out.  “I think so many people were shopping because that football game is tomorrow.”  I wish she hadn’t told me that.

But last night I had a weird feeling that there was something good connected with this particular football game.  Didn’t think there was any chance I’d remember what it was.  Then it hit me.  There’s a building nearby with am interesting public space inside that would make a really interesting photography set.  Erotic photography.  And when we were there a year or two ago during this game the place was deserted.  And I made a mental note to remember later.  And here it is, later.  And I’m remembering.

I ask River about it.  “What, you want me to be naked in that public building?”  “No, I was thinking you could wear a skirt, and flip it up teasingly, then it could go right back down.”  “Hmm..  Maybe.”

Well.  We’ll see.

Edit: Ha ha, mission accomplished.  We’ll see, indeed.  I’ll make an exhibitionist out of her yet.


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