Return of the sex dice

We might start using the sex dice again.

The sex dice? What’s that? Like those fuzzy dice some people have hanging from the mirror in their car? Or something to tell us what position or kinky act we’re going to do tonight? Maybe a pair of vibrating anal cubes, one for each of us, and an app to control them?

Nothing like that, although the vibrating cubes could be interesting. Just a pair of regular dice that River and I used to roll after having sex to see when we’d do it again. Tonight? Tomorrow? Next week?

Why would we do such a thing?  Because it was nice for both of us to know. I didn’t have to worry about propositioning and being rejected, River didn’t have to worry about being propositioned. It made things nice and relaxed. The therapist I was seeing at the time thought they were great.

Here’s how they worked. I know you really want to hear about vibrating anal cubes. Maybe some day. But for now here’s what you get. We’d compromised on sex an average of every three days. Not every three days—that would be mechanical and boring, kind of like “Tuesday is sex night” or whatever.  We can do it in the morning or the evening (roughly speaking). River stipulates no sex the morning after evening sex. Never mind that morning after is the very best time, when you’ve still got that glow from the night before. That was part of our compromise. The best compromise might be “if either of us ever says no they have to make up for it somehow”, and that might work for some people, but it’s way out of River’s zone. Even the three day average is pushing it with her. She’s more like once a month you know.

But I was going to explain how they worked. I looked long and hard (gotta love that expression) through my old blogs and through email with friends because I thought I’d explained it in some detail but I couldn’t find it so I had to work it all out again. And I did. Here it is:

Some time after sex we do this: We say “Monday evening”, or whatever the next evening is, and we each roll a die and if they come up the same then it’s a date. Otherwise we move on to “Tuesday morning” and roll again. For the mornings we keep rolling until neither of us rolls a one, then if the numbers match it’s a date. If they don’t match we move on to the next evening, and the whole process continues until our date is set. Then we each relax, knowing when our next fuck will be with no rejections or trepidations

Sexy, huh? You bet! Especially because we get to cheat and fuck before our “date” if we want to.  And it’s certainly romantic to be working together to improve our relationship.

You may have noticed that this creates the possibility of sex in the morning and evening of the same day. That was practically non-existent before the sex dice.  So it’s an extra bonus!  The statisticians among you can figure out how often that will happen but I prefer to be surprised.

But we may not need the sex dice after all.  Things have been going well enough without them lately, and we both like it that way.


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