Everlasting gobstopper

There’s one thing that bothers me about our tremendous fuck yesterday morning. It’s a thought that’s occurred to me time and again for a while now. And no, it’s not the minimal foreplay, or complete lack thereof. That’s just the way we like it. I’ve brought it up with River indirectly, but now I have to go there straight on.

“When we’re fucking, I change things up a lot. With rhythm and depth and where my hands are and everything else. Do you ever wish I’d just stick with something especially good for a long time?”

There are two related things I’m thinking about here. The first is that even after all these years with River, when she and I are fucking I’m like a kid in a candy store. I want a taste of everything. She’s a very well-stocked candy store and I like being in her. But maybe she just wants the everlasting gobstopper.

And there’s the issue of when we’re really banging away, literally banging, fast and hard, which River has always liked, even though it seems out of character for her to submit to that sexual energy . . . anyway, it seems like the longer we do that, the more she likes it. But the more she likes it the harder it is for me to keep from popping my wad, so I’ll often shift gears right at the “good part of the good part” because I want more. Maybe she’d rather have me keep going, instead of all the stop and start and slow down and watch for pedestrians.

So I ask my question straight up. And she answers straight up. “I like your style.” Says she knows I’m doing what I enjoy at the time, and we know that what hits the spot for one of us is usually working for the the other, too. She likes the variety. Says there’s no need to keep chugging away just because she’s liking something.

I knew she’d say that. Partly because she doesn’t get her orgasms from the ol’ in-out so when I mix things up I’m not disrupting her crescendo and leaving her hanging. But I feel better for asking. It’s great having a sweetie I can talk with. She likes my style.

I look up “everlasting gobstopper” and I’m reminded that, just like me, they change colors and flavors as you go along. But they never get smaller.


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