Tomorrow morning

“Tomorrow morning.” That was a change of subject. Unless you consider my body language to have started the conversation, which it may have. Nice full-length side-by-side snuggles, me sneaking under River’s leg. Or was that River’s leg sneaking over me? More like a duet than a conversation.

Tomorrow morning. You know what I’m talking about. And so does River. “Ok.”

I make her coffee in the morning and come back to bed. She gets up to pee. While she’s gone I work on getting hard. Any wood I may have had this morning is gone. Making coffee will do that to a guy. But I should be able to get something going. Even though I don’t like it that ever since my vasectomy I have to get hard instead of just being hard. You’ve heard that before, and you’ll hear it again. Sorry. See? I believe in apologies. Unlike the guy who left me this way.

And yes, I get hard. Not as hard as I used to be, but hard enough to fuck, for sure. Even though it’s not hard enough to feel quite right. Not hard enough for a decisive stick-in. But I’ve fucked with worse.  It usually perks up once we get going.

River comes back. I pull the covers aside. Show her what I’ve got. “Well!” Our conversations are short sometimes, huh? Good thing we have body language. I love seeing her poised over me. The small breasts, the girly triangle of brownish bush, her sweet face. I’m still holding my cock upright as she lines up and descends onto it. Sometimes she’ll go all the way down in one go, but this time she eases on, some up and down, some in and out, working the juices around until she gets full penetration. And we fuck.

It’s always a treat when she fucks me. She sits up and I watch my cock appearing and disappearing in the gap between her legs. Feel the tips of her nipples rubbing over my palms. Grab her, push her hips back, grind her onto me. She leans forward, I wrap my arms around her, we hug as she rolls her hips, working her cunt up and down my cock. Fucking me.

“Turn around.” I’m thinking reverse cowgirl. It’s been a while since I’ve seen her ass bobbing up and down with my cock under it. She starts to turn, keeping me inside.  “No. Partway. What did we used to call that?” Too many things have been a while. I’m getting rusty. But I make my brain do the math. “One thirty five.” She spins 135 degrees to her right, one leg coming to rest between mine. It’s just like I remember. A powerful fuck.  Physically.  Visually.  I’m sure I’ve used this expression before: my cock arcing into her. A strong thick arc. One hand on her ass. Her leg brushing my balls on the down stroke. My balls liking that.

You know how this ends as surely as I do. No wait, you don’t. And neither do I. Will I finish, or won’t I? Even though I’m  rather enjoying the fuck, especially with all the River-on-top action (we did eventually move into reverse cowgirl), I don’t feel that distant glow of impending orgasm on the horizon. But I do feel a bit bad for River doing all the work up there, so we flip up and I slide my cock into her from behind for doggy , with all its accompanying queefage. No sooner does River squeeze some air out when I hear more go in. That just mean we’re doing something right.  Or maybe we need more practice?  I’m always up for more practice.

Two things are notable about our doggy session. First, we usually do doggy with River’s legs together and mine on the outside, but this time River’s legs are spread. Second, I keep leaning on her shoulders, hoping she’ll drop her head down to the bed and leave her ass sticking up. I don’t want to just ask her to do it.  I don’t want her to think I’m trying to set her up like a porno or something.

Eventually I feel the glow, in no small part because River sounds like she’s enjoying it. She’s said she can’t fake that, even though I’ve said many times that if she wants to make me come and get it over with all she has to do is fake an orgasm. But it’s one of those glows where I have to chase after it a bit and take what I can get, not one where I can just ride the edge of orgasm until the inevitable happens. Not so much a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow as a few small coins. But I take it, and quietly unload into her (“unload”, that’s funny, huh?).

When I finally pull out and let it dangle, River has some unloading of her own to do. A big sharp queef. I’m surprised my face isn’t splattered with my own jizz. Maybe I’ll ask for it next time. That’s something you don’t see every day in pornos.  I think.


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