I noticed some things

I noticed some things about that last post.

From what I said, it seems like I was doing most of the work. Most of the fucking. Not so. I enjoyed looking down periodically (while the light was still on) to watch River’s ass bumping and grinding into me. I like to watch. It really enhances the experience. I would have liked to have mentioned that, but I can only hold so much in my head at a time any more. Even with the light out it’s easy to tell she’s giving me a good ride in her bumpy grindy way. I’m not just fucking a blow-up doll. One that I’d have to hose out later. So sorry, River, for not giving you proper credit.

Then there’s the issue of how many OCD-style posts like that I want to do any more. It’s been three years so it was a bit of a surprise that I could still do it at all. Old habits die hard. Just get in the zone and let the words spill out and stir them into some semblance of organization. Then look up and notice how many hours have gone by and wonder what else I could have been doing.

Because for me it’s always been about more than the fucking, at least it quickly became that way, and “Unplugged” is supposed to have more context and be chattier and friendlier than my original blog. So lapsing into the OCD is not something I want to do very often if I can help it. And not just because everything that goes into writing them makes me horny.

The “Valentine’s/Somebody told me” post was largely inspired by the delicious change in sensations following our shift to “raunchy position”—River on her stomach with legs spread. That seemed worth sharing.

Never tried raunchy position? Do it and you’ll see why we call it that. It’s the visuals before you get going. We need to throw some bondage into the mix . . .

So I don’t know. What else is new.


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