River has promised to jump me sometime this week during her post-period horny time. But we’ve both been sick with the flu. And tonight she’s hanging out with a friend and she has to get up early tomorrow so I’m not expecting anything to happen. She needs her rest.

She comes home just as I’ve gotten Brook off to sleep, and announces that her breath may smell somewhat alcoholic, which she knows isn’t my favorite. But I put a good spin on it: “Is that a hint?” “I might jump you tonight.” I’m not going to argue with that, am I?

“I didn’t have much, and it certainly didn’t go to my head.” “Where did it go? Here?” My fingers slide through her bush, down to her lips, running beside them, teasing up to her clit. “No.” Wrong thing to say. Do I have to start writing scripts for this girl to follow? “Maybe here?” I move my hand up her smooth warm skin, cup her nice small breast, brush my fingertips across her nipple. “No.” Across to the other breast. “Here?” “No.” I could write a script with just one word, “Yes”.

River rolls on top of me. “How do I jump a guy with ED?” “I don’t know. Any self-respecting guy would have a raging erection by now.” Even with all the no’s. But lying on my back is the worst position for me to get hard in. Maybe it’s a blood flow thing. So I sit up and she spreads for me. “I consider myself jumped.”

My palm rubs over her curly bush hair, tugging the cute tuft just above her clit, pulling her lips upward. The wet smacky sounds of her pussy have the expected effect on me as I stroke my cock until it’s finally good and hard. “Are you sure it didn’t go here?” “Because it sounds so wet?” “And looks so drunk.” Pulling the skin at the top of her vulva spreads her labia, and I sink my cock into her wet pussy at the bottom. And we fuck.

“Nice technique.” We both like it when I pull all the way out, until we’re not even touching, then plunge back in and go deep. “I like the full thrusts.” I like having my hard cock inside her. “And I like the anticipation when you miss.” You’d think I miss on purpose sometimes.

We transition through any number of positions. “Are you trying to get me on top?” I lean back and pull her up. There’s her answer.

“Now, how did this work?” I reach up, trying to remember how I learned to flip her in karate. “I can’t remember it in the middle of a fuck.” And I want her to stay on top.

So I relax into it as she gives me single point, the soft grip of her pussy working me up and down. I fuck back when she puts her knees on my chest, then lowers them to the bed and bends down with her face next to mine. She sits up, rubbing her bush against me as she fucks forwards and backwards instead of up and down. It’s been too long since she’s done that one. My cock in her pussy almost feels like an afterthought as she rubs her clit against me, but it feels impossibly good.

“I don’t think I’m going to finish tonight.” Even though it’s been a delightful fuck. “And you need some sleep.” “Thanks for thinking about that. We can finish tomorrow after work.” She squeezes and slides up off me and my cock thwaps down onto my stomach. How does she do that so easily? Stopping in the middle of a fuck is one of the hardest things I ever do.

“You should get drunk more often.” “It’s more going out with my friend.” “You should do that more often. Then you both go home and fuck your sweeties.” “Yeah, I was thinking every week would be nice.” “I was thinking more like three times a week, at least.”


6 thoughts on “Jump

  1. Such a wonderful touch with the language, Reed. This is amazing. I like what you do and how you write about it. And you’ve given me some ideas for playtime with my girlfriend.

    • Thanks Alice (or do you prefer Bent?), that means a lot to me, and I think you know that when I say something like that I really mean it.

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