Time off for good behavior

We had an amazing day. We fucked after the kids went to school. River had even written it on our daily calendar/schedule in the kitchen, although as she put it, “I couldn’t just say ’Mom and Dad Fuck’”, so she left plenty of blank space. We put all of that space to good use.

She was at her computer naked when I came into the room. She undressed me, which I always like, and lay down like she was ready. Very ready. I circled her clit with my thumb while I got hard, then spread her with both hands while I aimed my cock into her pussy. It was sweet and vigorous and banging and slow and everything in between, with lots of eye-gazing and smooching and hands-on.

River was making no secret about really liking it when I’m on top. She’s the one who got me to like being on top, because she’s always been so appreciative. She still seems a little unsure on top, like I used to feel, even when I tell her just make it feel good for her, because that’s all I do.

I came so deep and so hard that I thought it would gush out her mouth. We rested together. I don’t remember dressing.

Afterwards River did her things, like getting a haircut, and I did mine, which mostly involved getting things done for work. We had lunch together at our favorite fish-and-chips place. With her haircut it was like having a new girlfriend. “This is a warning. We’re having such a nice emotional warmup day that I might want to do it again later.” “I consider myself warned.” I noticed she didn’t say no. She did more of her things, I did more of mine, but we still spent a lot of good time together. Emotional warmup.

When I get into bed she turns me down. “Remember my warning?” “Yes, but I didn’t feel anything when you got into bed.” “Would you like to feel something?” No response. “Just a little one?” I might not even be able to come after this morning. “I’ll do all the work.” That means she can just lie on her stomach. “When’s the last time we did it twice in one day?” “Probably Dover Bay.” Two and a half years ago. “I’ll give you time off for good behavior.” I don’t usually pressure this much, but we’ve had a really nice day and emotional warmup really makes me want to fuck. As I like to say, the stars have aligned. “You got a haircut. How about some before-and-after with my new girlfriend?” I’m not getting anywhere.

I can never keep my hands off her. My hand feels up and down her back, her side, her ass, up to the softness of her freshly revealed neck. I like her new short hair. I’ve been getting myself hard ever since her comment about not feeling anything, and I’m ready.

“That feels nice. You can rub my back and we’ll see where it goes.” I sit behind her ass, my semi-hard cock flopping lewdly against her. I spend a long time on her back, across her sides, the muscles of her shoulder blades, her neck, her sacrum. The occasional moan she gives me is enough to keep me going. I rub some oil between my hands to warm it, then press my palms to the female form of her ass cheeks, let them shape my fingers to their curves. “I was hoping you’d do that.” “I was hoping you were hoping.”

By now I’ve gone soft. I work my hands over her ass, left cheek, right cheek, spread, push, down to her leg bones. My thumb plays in and out of her pussy fur as I get hard. “Your fur feels nice.  But this will feel even better.” When I’m ready I dip it into position, feel the tip lodge aganst her opening. I push, she tilts and wiggles, and slowly we work it in and out, breathing and sighing until she’s fully penetrated and I’m pushing against her ass.  “Now let’s see if you fuck as well as my old girlfriend.”

She does. I stare at her bare neck, and her bare ass. I like how she feels, wriggling under me as I thrust, left, right, center, fucking together, her hands on the wall for leverage. It really means a lot to me that she’s doing this with me today. Again.

It doesn’t take long to realize that I will come. Without even working too hard. Just hit the right angle, the right depth, listen to River moan . . . I push in, spurt, spurt, inhale, fall on her, heave breaths, come . . .

“That probably wasn’t too much the second time around.” “The first one was. I wiped, and I wiped again, and it still dripped down my leg when I went downstairs.” “You get time off for good behavior. You’ll probably never realize how much that meant to me. It really makes me feel accepted.”  The crazy thing is, she enjoyed it both times, but she has a short memory.


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