Photographic impressionism

River knows I like the look when she wears a shirt and nothing else. She treats me to it when I’ve been a good boy. The look goes especially well with bush. I was musing about how I might have acquired such a taste, and a few pictures came to mind, Penthouse pictures that I saw when I was a kid that I still remember today. I saw a lot of Penthouse pictures when I was a kid, so these particular ones must have really made an impression on me to have survived the decades

So I went off on an internet search to find the 70s Penthouse photos I remember. I still remembered one of the models’ “name”, and it didn’t take long to find a whole trove of photos people had scanned from vintage Penthouses. Over 60 web pages worth. I could still see this shot in my mind’s eye so it didn’t take long to blast through and find it, even though I would have loved to slow down and indulge in the awesome 70s bushfest I was scrolling through. Behold, the possible genesis of my shirt-only fetish:

Juliana_van_Troost-04I had a good time with that one as a kid, once I figured out what to do with the erections it gave me.

But there’s another photo from even deeper in my past. A friend and I were collecting newspapers for a school paper drive when I was about 10 or 11. In one of the stacks of papers we collected there was a stash of Penthouses. Total score!

Of all the photos in that stash, I’ve remembered exactly one. Seared in my memory. And I’ve remembered the model’s “name”, Baby Breese, aka Lindsay Freeman. Here it is, just like I remember:


I show it to River. “She’s 14! She’s not even full-grown!” “Well, it’s been debated whether the number on her shirt represents her age, but she modelled for several magazines for at least a decade, and it’s probably well-documented that she was legal.” I’m pretty sure you had to be “legal” by the mid-70s. That was the golden age of porn, after all. “How old is she?” “I don’t know. Probably 18.” “She’s not even full-grown.”

So there you have it. But, do I like the shirt-only look, as well as small breasts, because I was unwittingly influenced by these shots at a tender age? Doubtful.  I’m sure the rest of the models were shirtless and had a decent set of knockers because that would have been more standard fare, the kind of thing men are “supposed” to like and buy magazines for.  It seems more likely that I remember them because it’s what I’ve always liked, even before I knew it. I’m wired up to like this stuff, just like I was wired up to get an erection as a 10- or 11-year old when I saw pictures like this, despite being years from puberty and having no awareness of sex.  The “naked ladies” of Penthouse were just a forbidden fruit, and I didn’t know what was happening to my dick when I saw them.

But I can perhaps credit photos like this for one thing: I Bush.


4 thoughts on “Photographic impressionism

  1. Wow – she does look young! But really yummy – maybe I shouldn’t say that!!
    You bring back memories of the first porn I saw – when about the same age. Really very fascinating – with lots of cocks and white cum and cunts and cocks and cum and more cum… ; )

    • It was a few years before I saw anything like that. I still like the less-is-more erotica of Penthouse in the early to mid 70s, before it became a generic spreadfest.

  2. Better late than never:
    Dude, there are at least 2 other people out there with very similar experiences with the Baby Breese pic. One of them is someone I found online while looking for the Baby Breese photo. The other, of course, is me.
    My buddy and I were about 12-13 years old. Walking behind the local watering hole, we discovered a stash of magazines. I could not tell you anything about them, except for one photo: Baby Breese.
    I am in my 40s now. Neither my friend nor I have ever forgotten that image. I suppose it has alot to do with young, impressionable minds being sponges, as well as the hormones our bodies were producing. The point is, that picture was literally burned into our minds.
    I don’t feel perverted ogling the image at my age. I associate it with my preteen self. Its a fond memory. And, apparently, a memory I am meant to remember forever. I can live with that.

    • Ah, the jetsam one finds washed up on the shores of the internet with just a bit of beachcombing. And no, I don’t just mean your message in a bottle with its story uncannily similar to mine — thanks for that, truly appreciated, and I’m enjoying our crazy bond across space and time. I’m wondering if you’ve encountered this: Agent Triple P is a scholar of this kind of thing. His research is deep and wide and he occasionally turns up photos that should have been long lost on the editing room floor. He’s got a bit of coverage on Baby Breese, who I now know was 22 at the time — exactly twice my age.

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