The Plow

We did do “The Plow” last night, as planned.  It went something like this.

We get in bed. Ever since our restart we usually go to bed at the same time. I used to stay up until 2 in the morning doing whatever and riding my bike for exercise at night when there’s little or no traffic. I’m well a well-lit cyclist.

Anyway. We get in bed. At the same time, as per our usual. “I really don’t want to get up tomorrow.” That really puts a damper on my plan of doing “The Plow” tonight, so I say “That’s not very conducive.” “Don’t read too much into that.” I am reading something into that last statement: River is in a “friendly” mood and wants to do it. Historically, just after her period is her horniest time of the month. That time is now. I’d better not blow it by getting all pouty and backlashy and inconducive myself.

So I explain. “I’m not reading into it that you don’t want to do it. What’s happening is that I’ll feel bad for keeping you up.” I lie in bed, staring up at the ceiling even though it’s too dark to see it.

River comes over to snuggle on me, laying her leg over mine. Her body feels strong and limber and friendly on me. “You know, I was going to snuggle on you because I’ve got a plan. The Plow.” I describe it to her in case she’s forgotten. Her legs under my arms, my hands under her knees. “I remember.” When I sit between her legs to enjoy her body with my hands — and my eyes — I get hard quickly. I push my hard cock into her. She clears her lips. And we fuck.

We have a nice vigorous fuck followed by some slow intimate penetration. I’m not sure I’m going to get around to The Plow because it’s all so good. I feel something I like with the extra push at the end of each thrust. “My penis kisses your cervix.”

Finally I sit up, her legs under my arms, my hands under her knees, for The Plow. I’m really lifting hard, trying to get her ass off the bed while I bang her, which she really seems to like. It’s more strenuous than I remember. When men have heart attacks during sex* I now know what position they were doing. “This is strenuous.” “But stimulating.” I’m glad I’m not the only one enjoying all my hard work. I keep it up as long as I can (thank you, SSRI) but eventually have to give in and go back to our default position for the finish.

“Now I know why women go for the buff guys.” “There is something about being manhandled.” She’s said that before.

But my arms looks skinnier than normal in the mirror the next morning.

*It happens. River was working at the hospital when a guy came in with his friend after having a heart attack during sex, ostensibly with his wife. I wonder why she didn’t come in with him.


2 thoughts on “The Plow

    • I’m always trying to convince River that sex is a great workout, and that orgasms are a great way to get to sleep (even her Mom thought so!).

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