Before our “restart”, River and I used to have sex in maybe about six positions (seven if you include the shower), three of them regularly. We’d of course done others. There was one position we’d done once and she said “Too deep!” so I never abused her by doing it again. There was another that I remembered her saying she didn’t particularly like so I steered clear of it, even though it was one of the asymmetric positions that I’ve got a liking for. I didn’t particularly like doing doggy so we didn’t do that much. I preferred face-to-face, although one of the positions we did semi-regularly was her lying face down on the bed with me straddling her. At least it was nicely intimate, since I could reach forward and hold her hands or kiss her neck.

For some reason, our restart was like the big bang (ha ha) of positions. Part of it was that at first we couldn’t fuck, or River didn’t want to because all we had were condoms for birth control. So we spent a lot of time masturbating together and watching and playing with each other and me doing oral on her. And after 15 years together, that suddenly made us a lot more comfortable and creative in bed — or wherever.

We’ve tried new things because River is in an inviting position when I come to bed, whether she knows it or not. We’ve tried new things just to see if we could, if it would work and if it would bend that far (I’m old enough now that it does). We’ve tried new things without even trying.

A lot of things we invented were the result of stopping partway through a change of positions. We like to stay connected while we roll and rotate and twist and end up somehow else, and many times we don’t get where we’re going because we’re passing through such fascinating territory on the way to our destination that we never get there.

And the position that was “too deep”? That’s the one we call “jackknife” now, me on top with River’s legs bent up over my shoulders and her pussy getting either a serious pounding or a sensuous exploration.  I’d made the mistake of thinking that “too deep” meant “too deep forever”. Jackknife became our new classic for a while and we did it almost every time we fucked. When it’s “too deep”, depending on time of the month or arousal or whatever, she just tells me (sometimes by wincing) and I just don’t go as deep or I go more slowly or we switch to another nearby position if I really want to slam in to the hilt.

Even after our explosion of colorful positions began, we’d still usually start in one of our “old” positions and migrate after a while. It took a while for me to get comfortable requesting that we start in one of our “new” positions. Even starting in doggy was “new” for us. Speaking of which, I really like doggy now — especially with River’s legs together, I’ve always liked the view of her pussy peeking from between her legs and it feels awesome — and all of the variations we’ve come up with, and River has always liked it.  About the only thing I don’t like about it is that I can’t really see my cock penetrating her.  It just disappears into mystery somewhere under her ass.

The old positions are still good. But strangely, we can no longer do one of our old-time starting positions, facing each other on our sides with my top leg between hers. Whether it’s because her internal geometry has changed or I don’t tend to get as hard as I used to after getting a vasectomy, we’re not quite sure. We’ve failed the last couple times we’ve tried standing face-to-face, too. We used to do that in the shower; now it seems to be strictly standing from behind, which always brings back memories of the first time we did it in the shower.

One of our mutual favorite stick-in positions is when River “Hello Kitty’s” onto me: me kneeling with my knees spread, her backing down onto me somehow while I reach around front for her tits. It’s also a good finisher, and we’ve done entire fucks from start to finish in that position.

FWIW, I did a glossary of some of our positions on my old blog. Good thing, too, because I’ve spotted a couple on there just now, like The Plow, that I’d forgoten about. Maybe I can pull that one out tonight.


2 thoughts on “Positions

  1. “Hello Kitty’s” onto you? You’ve lost me there… Otherwise ‘great post!’
    No seriously – what do you mean by that – I’m intrigued ; ) You’ve described the position perfectly though and I can picture that well ; )

    • That’s just what we call it. We were looking for a name for that position and River suggested “kitty” as a play on “doggy”, then I grabbed her tits and said “hello titty!” and it became “hello kitty” position. I love asking “Would you like to hello kitty onto that?” I don’t think I’ve ever been turned down. I stay still (if I can) and she does all the work for a while and I feel like her dildo, which is not a bad way to feel.

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