And the winners are . . .

[This post was originally entitled “And the winner is . . .”.  Ooops!  I couldn’t have done it by myself.  I know that now.]

Most of my writing time for the past month, as well as a lot of what would normally be my non-writing time, has been consumed with what I now realize is the complete insanity of NaNoWriMo, cranking out a 50,000 word novel in the 30 days of November while trying to simultaneously visit relatives for Thanksgiving, work full time, and do things with River and the kids. I was writing with an internet friend (having a co-author is a dark-gray area in the “rules” which made it right up my alley) and it was still insane even though I only wrote 20,000 of our 55,000 words.

Our novel is littered with the broken bones of what it was meant to be and my co-author friend pulled an insanely twisted final chapter and denouement out of her ass while I was still cranking out one of the previous chapters and hoping we weren’t heading for too much of a trainwreck, but we did it!


Now I’m not sure whether I need a month off to recover, or whether I’ll be itching to get back to blogging instead of noveling.


4 thoughts on “And the winners are . . .

    • Thanks! But what are you trying to tell me? That the rest of my posts aren’t great? (Have you noticed that I’ve got a bad habit of being overly flippant in comment replies?)

  1. Yes I had noticed ; ) Of course all of your posts are absolutely fabulous – but I know that you don’t warm to the ‘Great post!’
    comment – which of course is why I had to put it in…

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