My new favorite church

Before I come to bed I make a trip to the kitchen, checking the calendar to see if River has anything scheduled for tomorrow. It’s all clear. Somehow she knows what I’m up to. “Were you making a plan for tomorrow?” she asks. When we say “plan”, it means a plan for some sexy rumpus. “Yes.” “Good.” It’s been three days tonight, prime time for what we call a nice weeknight fuck, but I’d rather have a daytime fuck tomorrow. “Is it that obvious I was making a plan?” “Yes.” “Good.”

“I’ll come with you in the car this morning.” “You get points for creativity.” I’m waiting for her to say the expected “but”. And I’m wondering what I can do with those points. I wait. There is no “but”. “It’s going take some creativity to find a place,” I say. “There’s lots of places.” She’s creative. I’m encouraged.

We drop the kids off. My cock kept wanting to get hard while I was watching her lithe body in the bathroom this morning, but now it feels like I might be in for an episode of ED. Where’s she taking us? “I think you might have a new favorite church.” There’s a church here? Oh yeah. That church. The biker church. She pulls us around the back and parks. “This is fairly private.” Except the windshield is facing anybody who might pull into the parking lot. No big deal.

I move to  a seat in the middle row and drop my pants. River pulls hers down.. There’s her bare ass. One hand slips under and finds her wetness while the other works my cock. I was right, getting hard isn’t going to be easy. And she’s intending to fuck me by sitting on my cock, which is a much easier entry when I’m completely hard. We’ll see what happens. Feeling her pussy helps. I slip a finger inside, feeling how her skin curves into her vagina, feeling where it’s firm, feeling where it’s soft. My world is suddenly very small and focused. And wet.

When I think I’m as ready as I’ll ever be I position myself and she sits down on me at the angle we call 135 when we do it on the bed. Facing away and to the side. It takes some finagling to get it to pop into her cunt, but it goes. Things get a lot smoother when she reaches down and pulls one of her wings out of the way. We fuck. And I sigh. Staring out the windshield across the parking lot to the cars driving by on the road. Then closing my eyes and concentrating on her up and down, and my in and out.

A low-flying jet brings me back to a different reality. We’re right under final approach for the airport, and the plane is just overhead. While I’m flying at night I often look down on the isolated lights on the ground, wondering how many people down there are fucking. Maybe I’ll start wondering about people doing it right under us while we’re landing.

“I don’t think I’m going to finish.” That’s probably a good thing. River won’t have to go to work and drip all day. She slips up my cock and leaves it glistening.


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