It’s been too long since I’ve written anything here. I’ve got a dozen posts in various stages of completion sitting around while I mostly co-write a NaNoWriMo novel. So I’m just popping in for a quickie.

Not so long ago, River mentioned that if she gives her pussy a thwack, it can bring on another orgasm. She went on to demonstrate.  I’ve tried it since then and it works!  Why has she been hiding that little trick as long as we’ve known each other?  I’m gonna have fun with that one, but only about once a month.


3 thoughts on “Thwack-a-snatch

  1. Ooh – I’ll have to try that! We often do lots of ‘thwacking’ as part of foreplay – but not after orgasm – as he’s usually inside me. Would that work ‘thwacking’ during penetration? Could be dangerous – might mistakenly cause him an injury… ; )
    Why only once a month?

    • Once a month is about as often as River orgasms. It’s just not something she needs to do very often, and it tends to be a lot of work for her/us. If I were going to try it during penetration, I’d probably try me on my back and River on her back on top of me. That position lets me reach down and play with “my” pussy wih my own junk fairly out of the way.

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