Getting things started

I tried to get things started this morning, moving River’s hand down to my erection when we were still in bed. It’s nice when she touches me, just grabbing my cock, feeling up and down. I’d just gotten around to reminding her she could get on it if she wanted when we were interrupted. Oh well.

I make my usual Saturday morning eggless waffles for the kids. River has to go to the store because she’s out of coffee. I’m glad I don’t drink the stuff. “I have to change out of these wet pants first.” “Did I make you wet?” “Why don’t you find out?” She slips her pants down over her ass and leans forward. My left hand migrates into the territory of her curves. “A little further back.” You’d think I’d know this stuff by now. I need a better mental map of her terrain. I pull my finger back along her groove until it hits her well of wetness. “Feels pretty good to me.” My cock starts to respond. “But if the waffles taste like pussy it’s your fault.” “The next one’s for you.”


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