Birds and bees

“I was telling Brook about the birds and the bees.” That’s River talking. It’s good to stay in sync on these these things, so I ask what she knows now. “I talked about how a boy’s penis goes in a girl’s vagina, and they rub them together, and it feels nice, and that’s how they make babies. It’s kind of like doing the humpy-bumpy together.” That’s what we call it when she rubs her button. “What did she think?” “She hid under the covers.”

I remind River that no one ever told me this stuff. I knew about the penis in the vagina from 4th grade sex ed, but didn’t know about the rubbing them together until I had my first (unintentional) orgasm and ejaculation. “I was 15, I think.” “That seems kind of late.” “Well it’s not like teenage boys sat around and talked about this stuff.” At least not the ones that I hung out with. “I just thought you’d get random erections, and it would feel good to touch them.” Not so much. It wasn’t until I was face down on my bed with my erection in something tight and slippery that I instinctually figured out the rubbing together part. And wanted to do it again.


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