So now River is supposed to get a pessary as part of her pelvic floor physical therapy. In addition to the Kegels she’s supposed to be doing.  I’ve done Kegels myself and they’re worthwhile.  But she’s already running around with a NuvaRing and the occasional shot of jizz up there (or should I say down there), now she needs something else, too?

You don’t know what a pessary is? Neither did I. So I looked it up. What did we ever do before Wikipedia.

“A pessary is a small plastic or silicone medical device which is inserted into the vagina or rectum and held in place by the pelvic floor musculature.”

Not fair! I want to be held in place by the pelvic floor musculature! When do I get my turn?  I’ve already got dildo envy, even though the only time I’ve seen a dildo in there is in a birthday video River made for me.

I read further: “Some pessaries can be worn during intercourse.” Ok, that sounds interesting. I’ll have to ask the question that I ask of just about everything: Can you wear it to bed?

Uh oh. Then there’s this: “A therapeutic pessary is a medical device similar to the outer ring of a diaphragm.” Ouch. A diaphragm is not the most comfortable thing to have installed while having sex.

I sure learned a lot.  What did we do before Wikipedia?


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