I should have died out long ago

According to my reading of an article in Psychology Today (how many people out there even knew I could read? Surprises abound. And since I’m hanging out in parentheses here, I’ll add that I typically don’t actually read this magazine or any other magazine unless I’m in a waiting room. Hey, parentheses are fun! I should use them more often. Ok, back to the regularly scheduled blog post . . .), I should have died out a long time ago. “Dozing off right after sex provides an evolutionary advantage to men: It shuts down the opportunity for a commitment conversation and increases their chances of reproducing with other mates.” I do not doze off right after sex. I used to go ride my bike for an hour or something. River weighs in: “They make that shit up and print it like it’s true. How can they validate that scientifically?” If anything, I think I have an evolutionary advantage with my penchant for morning and daytime sex, and avoiding the commitment conversation by going out for bike rides afterwards.


2 thoughts on “I should have died out long ago

  1. Ha ha very funny!
    Ah the joy of reading magazines! Yes, I too only read such stuff in waiting rooms now. The joys of parenthood I think – having so little time to indulge in anything not very important…

  2. Yeah, so much is all about the kids. But I figured I had a good life before having kids, and it seemed like a reasonable time, and . . . River had somehow gotten pregnant.

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