Lesbian dream

“I had a dream last night. I dreamed I was a lesbian.” “How did that go?” River knows what I mean by that but she doesn’t want to say. Turns out, she’s got good reason. “Did you have an orgasm?” “Maybe.” That means yes. I wish I could have no-mess orgasms in my sleep, and fuck afterwards. I wonder how her body does it without clitoral stimulation. But, she didn’t say yes. For a reason. “You had an orgasm last night and you didn’t wake up and want to do it?” “I didn’t say yes because I knew you’d say something like that. It’s a turn-off.” That’s why she didn’t tell me. “You wake up after an orgasm with a naked sweetie and don’t want to do it? Maybe you are a lesbian.” Turn off. “I didn’t say I didn’t want to do it. I just didn’t do it.”

I have to change my tactics. I come up behind her and snuggle her. She’s in her scrubs drinking coffee. I’m naked. “Girls sure feel nice. Soft. And warm. Easy to talk to. And you sure are a cute lesbian.” Is it just me, or is it every guy’s fantasy to be the guy, the kind of guy, who can get a lesbian willingly into bed with him? “That’s better.”

I brush my teeth and pee while she drinks coffee. When I come out of the bathroom she’s curled up on the bed in her scrub tops and nothing else. Sexy wow.

How do I convince a lesbian to fuck me? I feel like I’m fumbling with her. At least my cock is responding to her attentions. It’s not fully hard yet when River adjusts our positions. I think she’s just giving me better access, but she sticks my cock in like she can’t wait. Her post-orgasm pussy is wet wet wet, but not noticeably tighter. And we fuck.

There’s lots of dirty talk about doing it with a penis, fucking her lesbian pussy and filling it with come, her saying it’s her first one, me saying it probably doesn’t compare to the dildo she was dreaming about. “Bang me like a guy.” “I don’t bang guys.” “Like a guy bangs a girl.” We bang, hard and fast, our bodies slapping together, my hand on her shoulder pulling her body onto mine, her foot driving me, pulling my body into hers, her voice telling me it’s what she wants.

But in the end, I can’t fill her lesbian pussy with come. “That’s ok. All of the fun and none of the drip. And the promise of more later.” Nice reframe.


2 thoughts on “Lesbian dream

  1. I've had three, maybe four wet dreams in my life. For me, it was kind of like a waste of a good orgasm. But women can keep going . . .

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