Clothing optional

So there River and I are at the outdoor clothing-optional hot tubs. Our clothing is, of course, optional. Strangely to me, some people’s clothing is more optional than others. But there’s a man and a woman in the next tub, and her clothing is definitely optional. Her tits are large but nice, and she’s very female. Clothing should always be optional.

River and I finish soaking, dry off, and clothe. I wait outside while River goes pee. She does that a lot.

Clothing-optional girl stands up in her tub. Her ass, although larger than what I’m used to, is well within the bounds of good proportion. Her tits are prominently visible around the side of her body, and have a nice shape without support. I get a good long look. Why is she standing? Is she cooling off? No. Showing off. I’m nearly sure of it when she raises her arms and puts her hands behind her head. I’m flattered to be her audience.

Her companion has moved to an adjacent tub. I look over to him, and he’s looking at me. I hold my gaze steady, long enough to let him know I know he’s watching me watch his woman. They’re both showing her off. I like it.

She turns. Faces me. Her breasts with their dark-tipped nipples confront me full-on. Her waist nips in nicely. Her hips are classic female. Sadly I can’t make out the details of her bush. The area is somewhat darker, but I can’t say whether it’s trimmed, shadowed, or just a light color. A hint of labia flashes when she shifts position and her legs part for an instant.

She faces me a long time. Her companion’s eyes are on her now. After what seems like a long time, but not long enough, River returns and clothing-optional girl sinks into the tub as we leave and I watch.

“She reminded me of someone. But I couldn’t make out her bush. What did she have?” “I don’t know. I wasn’t looking.” “She was showing off. Her man liked it. Like I like showing you off at the mall.” “I can see that.”


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