Excuse me, I’m a professional . . .

We’re spending the weekend at a place with outdoor hot tubs. Clothing optional. The sun has set. At this time of day, minors are not allowed at the tubs. We strip on the deck and submerse ourselves luxuriously in the hot water.

We’re here with a mission. I try to set a good example for other people by not assuming they’re ok with what we’re about to do. “Excuse me. I’m a professional photographer. I specialize in erotica. Would you mind if I take some photos of my lovely model here?”

The other guests at the tubs are cool with a shoot. As long as they’re not in the photos. Too bad. I’d do some of them for free.

River stands in the tub. Is anybody watching her show off her sporty body with its compact tits and landing strip and perfect ass curves? I’m watching. And my camera is watching. It’s mere inches from going for a swim. The lens is steaming up. Focusing in the low light is just one step beyond hit-or-miss. We get some interesting angles. River sits down, her nipples peeking just above the waterline. “Look into the water.” She sits her ass on the edge. “Lean forward like you’re going to stand up.” Gives me a mud-flap girl pose. “My boobs aren’t big enough for this.” “Nobody’s are.” I’m almost hoping someone will come forward and say “Mine are!” River steps out and stands at the railing, facing out through the woods into the cool dark of the night air. Showing us what a girl ass is supposed to look like.

I bring the camera over so I can show her what she looks like to me. We like this one. River’s pale warm skin is a striking contrast to the piercing dark blue sky. Erotic. That’s how she looks to me.

We soak together in the tub until we’ve had enough. River walks to the outdoor shower. When I join her, I see her silhouette showering in the light pouring through the water from behind her. Time for more. “Step towards me.” “Hips to the side.” She puts a hand on her breast as I shoot. That’s a keeper. River’s a keeper.


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