We had a nice romp a few days back. I think I’d like to write about it but I’m really burning out on everything right about now. I’m not even sure how we got going, and to me that’s one of the most interesting things about each encounter. If I write a little bit maybe it will come back to me. For now I’m going to have to start with River in low doggy position at the edge of the bed, me doing just enough pussy licking to get hard, then standing up, looking at the edges of her lips still spread open, pushing into her spit-slick pussy, and having a nice fuck. (“We’re fucking.” “Yes we are.”) It was rear entry all the way, with a bit of 180-degree my-head-at-her-feet action where the usual hip thrust doesn’t work at all and I have to move my whole body in what seems like the wrong direction to fuck her (“I still feel like I’m being fucked”) and a grand finale in hello kitty with River doing most of the work and me grabbing her tits and pulling her nipples for the full hello kitty experience until I had a rather enjoyable orgasm. Being on an SSRI not only makes coming harder, it seems to lessen the intensity of the orgasms, but mine have been in good form lately.

After writing that, I still can’t remember how we got started. Just that it had something to do with rubbing against River’s ass in the bathroom.

But I do remember one thing. We were in doggy, she had her legs spread (she usually keeps them together) and things were extra-queefy. But that’s not what I remember. I remember putting my right hand on her left ass cheek, porn-style, I guess they do that to keep the sight lines clear or something because it’s really kind of ridiculous. I’m sure most of the positions we fuck in would not make good porn. Anyway, I smacked her ass a couple times, getting a good crisp thwap. And it didn’t really seem to do anything for either of us. Smacking somebody totally goes against my nature. But for some reason I couldn’t resist. I’m impressionable, I guess.


7 thoughts on “Impressionable

  1. I have moments like this–can't recall how we got there, but remember impressionistic details of the whole. And I'm feeling a little burned out, too. Not from blogging, from other stuff, but it affects it.

  2. OMG, “impressionable” works on so many levels. (Uh, that's kinda tongue in cheek.) Sorry about the burnout, although I'm selfishly happy not to be alone.

  3. I've never been one for the ass slap, I just can't take it seriously and might laugh if I tried one.

    The ass grab and clutch though, that's a winner.

  4. I sometimes go for the ass slap. I'm not sure why; it does nothing for either of us though I do enjoy what you describe as “a good crisp thwap”. Like Ponyboy, we both tend to laugh when I do it – not sure why that is – but chances are if I'm smacking Jill's ass we're already in a playful, not-so-serious mood anyway.

  5. Oh for sure, it's not meant to be all serious, it's meant to be fun. Probably the right time it would work (the ass slap) when I wrote the comment above I was thinking of it possibly ruining the mood.

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