We Vibe 3, take 1

I was gonna write up a steamy drippy sex scene involving the We Vibe and River’s sweatshirt and the afternoon but it would take too long and I want to be lazy and write badly for a change(?).

So let’s just say that within about an hour of getting it we were trying it out, with some thick water-based lube that my favorite sex shop had recommended for anal but which we’d never yet used for anything and maybe never will again because with the time and effort it took to successfully squeeze some out of the bottle I almost went soft. I will probably never get used to having ED. But maybe I should get a job in the product test department of some of these companies.

We stuck it in (right way round, thanks petunia!) and fucked in flying v and River seemed to be liking it but after a while I thought I’d probably get a blister from rubbing against it even though the skin on my glans doesn’t seem to blister it just sort of ablates in a thin layer. The vibrations were neither good nor bad for me, but I really missed the feeling of the ridge of my glans pushing through the tightness of River’s frill and into her vagina. That’s the feeling I look for when I’m aiming to come in a hurry.

We went through a couple rounds of childus interruptus, River using it as a regular vibe, rear-entry hello kitty for blister avoidance, and poignant conversation such as “Do you want me to do anything?” “Yeah, get a boner.” Eventually the batteries ran out (we hadn’t given it much time to charge) and we fucked face to face until I came, then River took quite a while finishing herself with her hand but had what seemed to be a long, intense orgasm. Then another. “That second was better than some firsts.” Then at least two more.

Next time we try it we want to do interlock so my cock goes in sideways which might be more comfortable for me with the thing in her pussy, and I can press the vibe end against her clit with my leg, or she can do it with her hand.


6 thoughts on “We Vibe 3, take 1

  1. We had nearly the same experience with ours! It's…interesting. Will probably end up being more fun on my own, or with fingers.

  2. The We Vibe has been on our list for awhile, thanks in part to Liza. We've got far too lengthy a list considering how infrequently we buy toys these days. Thanks for the review!

  3. You're welcome! Thanks for stopping by.

    Our toybox is small and doesn't get much use. The Hitachi Magic Wand gets the most, maybe a couple times a year. Finger vibes seem perfect for us in theory but I can't remember if we've used ours more than once. I should check the box and see if we still have it . . . next up for us is a strap-on but we keep forgetting to get one.

    The sheer inviting cuteness of the We Vibe had me pulling it out last night but River wanted something less high-tech.

  4. Yikes. I hope you can find a position that works. Don't give up yet. When we use it, I think of some sex expert's quote about women being like a regular oven and men like a microwave when it comes to the amount of time needed to ramp up sexually. The We Vibe seems to get me up to speed way more like a microwave.

  5. Glad I didn't scare you off! We'll be trying it some more for sure. River's usually more like a slow cooker except when we get out the Magic Wand, but even that doesn't always do it.

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