Mine’s not quite as long

Since we’re not fucking tonight, I’ll take some time and copy-cat Liza’s post where she lists her and D’s firsts for the past year after they ended their long dry spell. Since River and I ended our dry spell three years ago and I hate lists, my list of firsts for the past year is much shorter.

  • We were walked in on by our daughter, Brook.  If I blogged that one, I can’t find it.  We’ve been able to dive under the covers before, but this time she got quite a view, straight up the middle.
  • We fucked in River’s car (first time in a car for either of us).  Next time I want to do it on the side of the freeway.
  • We said “I love you” while fucking.

6 thoughts on “Mine’s not quite as long

  1. Why thank you! Philosophical question: if I only had one thing, would it still be a list? Practical question: would you still like it?

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