It can be kind of hard for me to read about all you women in blog-land having orgasms every time you fuck, when River’s are so far between. At least when she has them, she usually has at least three. We counted eighteen one time. And she did have some nice ones just a few days ago.

It’s not that it makes me feel bad for myself, or about myself, like I’m not enough to get her off or something. She can’t always get herself off. I feel bad for her. Even though I now get how fucking without orgasms is still intimate and bonding, creative and energetic. Ok, I do feel bad for myself. I enjoy her orgasms as much as she does, like she enjoys mine. I wish I could enjoy her orgasms more often. And maybe if she had them more often, we’d fuck more often, or she’d want me to eat her pussy more often.

She’s never been big on foreplay. Likes to get to the good part. With or without simultaneous clitoral stimulation. At least she enjoys fucking, with or without orgasms.


11 thoughts on “Orgasms

  1. I am afraid I am one of these women of whom you speak. I never was such an orgasmer until D and I got together. Even so, the orgasm isn't the thing, as you well know.

  2. 1. Don't take it personally. It's my problem.
    2. Are you implying that D and River should get together?
    3. I'm glad you know I know.

  3. Have you tried a we vibe? I am pretty much guaranteed an o when my husband and I use that. It is fast, too, I am almost always caught by surprise by how quickly the combination of my husband and the we makes me come. He likes the way it feels, too.

  4. Greetings, Petunia! We don't have a very big toy collection and it doesn't get used very much, but I remember hearing about this before so I checked out but I don't seem to have enough imagination to figure out wtf it is or how it might be used!

  5. I read about it online where other women were raving about it. We don't have the newer model with remote control, so my husband turns our we-vibe on after applying some lube, inserts it in my vagina then he enters me. The larger, bulbous end of the vibe fits over the clit so the vibrations are directed there, plus, it cushions the pubis so it is comfortable to wear.(My husband inserted it the wrong way one time and it wasn't comfortable.)There are multiple vibrating patterns to choose from, and the dude feels the vibrations, too. Like I said before, it is one efficient little contraption as it helps me go from 0 to 60 in a matter of minutes. I definitely see why these other women were so fired up. I take it with me anytime we go out of town.

  6. 18 in one sitting – that's pretty impressive! I have masturbated myself to more – but with my husband I've only had 9… ; )
    Yes orgasms are mindblowing – but not the be all and end all. You seem to have lots and lots of sex during anytime, anywhichway – I don't know how you do it!…We are usually confined to bedtime… You sexy wildcats you!!!

  7. I was just watching and counting. I seriously can't remember the last time I gave River an orgasm. Not for lack of trying, mind you.

    Confined to bedtime? Start the day off with a bang!

    River is sexy. I'm the wildcat.

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