A hammer bangs downstairs

River comes home and we shower. We hear somebody come into the house. The contractor doing some work on the kitchen. A year ago, that would have been the death of the interlude we’ve got planned. But instead of canceling it, River suggests we use her studio upstairs.

We look at some of her paintings. “I’ve got an idea for fixing this one. I bet you won’t mind if I paint naked.” Mind? It’s one of my fantasies. One she’s indulged several times. She peels and paints. My pants come off and I sit on the futon. I’d like to be hard for her when she’s ready. I watch her ass as she stabilizes her body in different positions for painting, and stroke my stiffening cock. I’ll be ready.

She finishes up. Comes over to the futon. Faces me. Straddles me. Positions my cock against her pussy. Works her way onto it. And we fuck. Her legs on the futon. Her feet on the futon. My hands on her ass. On her back. Her waist. Her tits. She’s got some nice action going today. “I think painting is a good warmup.” So is watching her paint.

River spins around on my cock and fucks me with her feet on the floor, then reaches back for my hands, manages to pull us into a standing position, and bends over until she’s practically folded in half. My cock is still inside her. I know what to do. Pound in hard. A hammer bangs downstairs while we bang upstairs. “Careful with the cervix today.” I’m still forceful but don’t hit it as deep. “That’s perfect.”

“I’ve got one in me.” “You should take it. You know what happens when you don’t.” My orgasm explodes into her. It’s hard to stand. River squirms her ass against me while I come, trying not to be too loud about it. She stands up in front of me. I reach around for her breasts and pull our bodies together. We’re still fucking. I like the feel of her ass pushed against me.

“We should do that more often.” I can hardly believe she said that. But she’s really been liking the daytime fucks lately. “You should tell your sister that.” “My sister’s kind of slutty. She’s not allowed in my studio. Uh oh, did you hear that?” she asks the contractor.


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