Thinking, reading, and rolling

I was thinking about it on the way home. How the sex dice have been really great for taking the pressure off me as the primary initiator and rejectee. Being rejected wasn’t so bad, but it got old always trying to balance my libido against River’s, not trying to seem too greedy, contemplating “seize the moment” versus delayed gratification. Maybe I was over thinking things but if I hadn’t I’d be pressuring for sex every five minutes which doesn’t work as well as it should. Especially when we just fucked five minutes ago.

But then being the one who was always bringing the dice over to River got old. Instead of pressuring for sex I was now pressuring her to roll the dice to see when our next fuck would be. At least I didn’t have to do that every five minutes.

So I was thinking about that on the way home. Wishing River would bring the dice to me. And she read my mind. We’re on for tomorrow morning.


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