After my unsuccessful attempt at jacking off in her studio in the afternoon, I try again in bed with River in the evening. This time with lube. We have massage oil next to the bed, it’s got the best feel, it’s most like River’s own water-based juices, but I want something with easier clean-up. She brings me a small bottle of Astroglide. That works.

She rolls toward me. Is she going to watch? I’d like her to. It’s demoralizing jacking off next to her and having her roll away and go to sleep. Tonight would be especially bad, since jacking off between fucks is her idea. But she watches. I have my favorite audience. I grasp the head of my cock, squeeze some lube onto the tip, spread it around, over the slit, down the glans, and stroke toward the base with a few fingers, pulling up, sliding down, trying to coax my cock into stiffening. I feel the characteristic weightiness in my shaft, but not enough.

I’m not getting hard on my back. I sit up and look at River. Sitting up works better for me lately. She pulls the covers off herself. Pushes her ass in my direction for my viewing pleasure. My cock responds. “That looks like a good one.” I can jack it, but I show her how it still bends easily. “That should hurt.” Or be impossible. But it’s hard enough to feel nice..

I gaze into the shadow between her legs. Under her ass. I can’t see much. But I know how it would feel. Smell. Taste. I get harder. My cock will only bend to ninety degrees now.

Maybe I can get some audience participation. “What would you like me to think about?” It’s been a while since I masturbated. I often thought about River. Mounting me. Sliding her pussy down my cock. Fucking me. Making me come inside her. But I let her choose my fantasy tonight.

“Creamy breasts.” She pulls the cover aside a bit more. “Rosy nipples.” I reach my hand out, touch her hip. Her skin is warm and smooth and pale. “Soft thighs.” My hand slides over her ass. I’m hard now. “What’s between them?” “Pink. Glistening. Slippery.” That’s her. She’s my fantasy. And more. My fingers slip between her legs and find a soft pool of willing flesh. I want to fuck her. She knows I want to fuck her. Take my hard cock and push it into her while we both sigh. But she’s trusting me not to. I don’t want to lose her trust.

And I don’t have to. My meds don’t make it easy. But I’ve reached the threshold of orgasm. “I’m going to finish.” She smiles. I time every stroke to maximize my response. When I feel it I move forward. My come spurts and falls onto her. I milk my thumb over the sensitive corona of my glans, squeezing to the last drop as my come puddles on her.


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